Bulletproof Your Back

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Bulletproof Your Back
I’m making this blog to let you know about the release of my brand new workout program, Bulletproof Your Back, Phase 1 of which I am making available for FREE. Bulletproof Your Back is a program I created while working with a leading physical therapy clinic in Austin, Texas. The goal of the program is to help … Read More

4 Strategies to strengthen your “weak” leg

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4 Strategies to strengthen your "weak" leg
Have you ever injured your ankle or knee? Do you (or did you) play a sport that involves swinging, kicking, or fast movements? Congratulations – you probably have one leg that’s stronger than the other one! This is totally normal. Most of us wouldn’t think twice about having a stronger hand. “Well yeah, I write … Read More

Why sucking at yoga is actually a good thing

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If you’re new to Man Flow Yoga, I may need to preface this by saying I was a typical college athlete when I found yoga on total accident. This blog explains my first experience with another female-dominated form of fitness, but also talks about why it’s actually a really good thing I wasn’t very good … Read More

5 Fat-Burning Misconceptions

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5 fat burning misconceptions
These misconceptions are making your fat-burning ineffective and your life more complicated, less fulfilling, and less funner-er. But I’m going to do more than just present the misconceptions – I’m giving you tips you can use and immediately implement. The best part of these tips is that, in addition to making fat-burning more effective, they’ll … Read More

Why you shouldn’t always stick to your workout plan

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Why you shouldn't always stick to your workout plan
I’m writing this blog to talk about why always sticking to your workout plan isn’t a great idea, and how by not listening to your body, always pushing through no matter what, and not responding to day-to-day realities can ultimately be detrimental to your long-term fitness goals. Last night, I went to bed with the … Read More

How to Get a Bigger Chest

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Not only does it give you the strength for handstands, more push-ups, a better bench press, and a stronger overall upper body – it also gives you a larger presence, makes you feel more confident, and helps your shoulders feel great. It also helps with sagging chest, shoulder pain, poor posture, and man boobs. Most … Read More