The Members’ Area Success Formula

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Welcome to the Man Flow Yoga Members’ Area Success Formula. The Success Formula came about as a result of my one-on-one training consultations with members of the Man Flow Yoga Community. After a few lessons, I realized that I was giving out the same information and advice over and over again, and figured out that … Read More

The Man Flow Yoga App

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Yoga Poses for Man
The Man Flow Yoga App is finally here. Click here to download for iOS. Click here to download for Android. Man Flow Yoga App – A Full Description and User Instructions The Man Flow Yoga app is composed of 3 key components – the Routines, the Poses, and the Community. The home screen displays the pose … Read More

Be An Authentic, Positive Force of Inspiration.

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I am an authentic, positive force of inspiration. That’s a powerful sentence. And it’s one that I’ve been repeating to myself a lot lately. Last week’s blog was devoted to creating your own morning routine, and this week is building on that. One component of the morning routine that I outlined last week is the … Read More