WTF does empowerment even mean? – Off The Mat

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WTF does empowerment even mean?
I’m sure you’ve seen this buzzword almost everywhere. Self-development groups. Sales pages. Speeches. Life coach advertisements. But if you’re like me, empowerment doesn’t really mean something specific – it’s more of a vague reference to something to do with self-development. Broken down, it would mean “to give yourself power”, but in what context? Until recently, I was still unclear about the meaning of “empowerment”, or even what it was. Tools? Information? A concept? It wasn’t until last week that the concept of empowerment finally clicked

The Most Humbling Balance Exercise

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The Most Humbling Balance Exercise
Yoga is fantastic for many reasons. But one critical aspect of fitness mainstream yoga tends to forget is STRENGTH in end range of motion. What is this referring to? By strength, I’m referring to the ability to control the muscle; to exert force. End range of motion refers to the maximum depth of a posture, or the deepest we can go into a stretch. Putting these terms together, strength in end range of motion, means being able to exert force when we are at our most flexible. Yet…

9 Muscle-Building Secrets from the Strength Sensei

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9 Muscle-Building Secrets from the Strength Sensei
A few weeks ago I attended the Bulletproof Conference in Pasadena, to learn about the most cutting-edge habits, practices, and technology to help improve your fitness, increase your performance, and keep you healthy in an incredibly unhealthy world. The most relevant talk I attended in terms of what I do with Man Flow Yoga was by far the open discussion Q&A session by Charles Poliquin, aka The Strength Sensei, one of the world’s most recognized strength training coaches. Poliquin has trained professional and olympic athletes, and has often been far ahead of the curve when it comes to designing effective training routines. Training principles that are just now in 2016 becoming mainstream knowledge have been part of Poliquin’s training programs since the 1970s. Ready to learn something that will change the way you approach your workouts?

No, it doesn’t matter if you make your bed or not – Off The Mat

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No, it doesn't matter if you make your bed or not
Have you seen the commencement speech from Admiral McRaven in which he talks about the importance of making your bed? Like many things, people take this too literally. The point of the speech isn’t to say that making your bed is the basis of a successful day; rather, what makes this action a potential success booster is the MINDSET that it promotes. It’s about starting the day off by setting and completing a task. I’ll give you another example…

The Easiest Way to Counter Sitting

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The Easiest Way to Counter Sitting
You probably know that sitting is bad for you, but it’s tough to avoid sitting – after all, it’s almost impossible NOT to sit. Think about it – work meetings, driving, the office, waiting rooms – not to mention that people look at you like you’re a crazy person if you stand up in some of those situations. Therefore I think it’s reasonable to accept that you’re going to be sitting for a significant amount of your life. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do something about it!