Muscle & Athletes: Part 2 – After Yoga

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Muscle And Athletes: Part 2 - Muscle after Yoga
In this follow-up episode, I sit down with Chris Isom of Isom Fitness, former professional basketball player, competitive yoga athlete, and fitness expert, and continue our discussion on yoga’s impact on our athletic careers, specifically focusing on the topic of building muscle. This episode focuses on our perceptions of yoga and muscle AFTER starting yoga. We talk about what we’ve learned thanks to yoga, how it changed our perception of fitness in general, the changes we made to our training habits, and the effects yoga had on our fitness.

Morning Routine for Confidence & Energy

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Morning Routine for Confidence & Energy
This is a 15-minute yoga routine to boost your confidence and give you energy for the day. We do this by opening your shoulders, ribs, hips, strengthening your core, boosting your posture, and opening & strengthening the spine. It’s a 15-minute workout you can do before any work day and feel great, even if you’re … Read More

The Posture Fix

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Fix Your Posture
I am writing this blog to talk about the 6 most important ways that a fitness-centric yoga program helps you improve posture. Before you start reading, I would like to emphasize that the information below does not apply to any type of yoga or any yoga instructor – in order to get the benefits below, the yoga class in question must facilitate the necessary level of stress to provoke growth in the areas responsible for proper posture (i.e. the workout has to be hard enough to build muscle, not just stretch your body), and it should be taught by a knowledgeable instructor who teaches proper technique and constantly reinforces proper body positioning throughout the workout.