Why is “just stretching more” not enough?

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Did you play sports as a kid? Remember the warm-up stretching that you did at the beginning of every practice or game? The great Kelly Starrett (the founder of Mobility WOD, author of Becoming a Supple Leopard, and famed CrossFit coach) has a quote in Becoming a Supple Leopard that describes the way that we … Read More

Pushing Yourself Beyond Your Comfort Levels

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Just to recap our story so far, I want to show you what happens when you take someone who has been doing yoga for decades and put them into a program that focuses on pushing you beyond your comfort levels. Bruno (this is his actual name, and he was kind enough to allow me to … Read More

Mobility – the next level of flexibility

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Stretching isn’t enough if you want to significantly increase your flexibility. Specific mobility work such as self-myofascial release addresses muscle restriction, which breaks up muscle knots and allows you be stronger and more flexible! What I’m showing you in the video above is the number one tool that I use to help improve my flexibility. I … Read More

The Perfect Squat Program

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I’ve been plagued by injuries ever since I played sports when I was a kid. The more I learned about my body and about fitness, the more I learned about how that could have been prevented. One huge part of my knee issues was my inability to do a proper squat. More than that, it … Read More

Christmas Message: Celebrate Your Passion

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A few nights ago, I was home for my family’s annual Christmas caroling party. What started as a family Christmas party over ten years ago has evolved significantly. Kids that were once dragged to the party by their parents have now grown up (I use that word in the loosest of terms), and in the … Read More