Quick Strength & Mobility – Office Flow

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Quick Strength & Mobility - Office Flow
Counter your seated position, boost your energy, and get stronger and more mobile. This quick workout strengthens and improves mobility in your hips, core, and spine through a quick series of full-body exercises specifically addressed at countering the hunched position you find yourself in at a desk.

Yoga, Muscle, and Athletes: How can yoga help?

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Yoga, Muscle, and Athletes: How can yoga help?
I wrote this blog specifically for athletes who want to build muscle and are interested in knowing how yoga can help. Below, you’ll learn about the biggest differences I noticed before and after I started doing yoga, how doing yoga changed my perceptions of it, and what it taught me about fitness in general. This blog will be especially relevant to you if you can relate to any of the following statements:
  • Your first exposure to fitness was organized sports and a high school weight room.
  • You didn’t place much value on flexibility, because your main goal was building muscle.
  • You didn’t (or don’t) understand how mobility, balance, and flexibility improve your performance as an athlete.

Sometimes you just need to… – Off The Mat

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Sometimes you just need to…
Most of us assume that the best way to take action is to seek inspiration and get motivated, but this actually isn’t true. Action INSPIRES motivation. And motivation inspires further action. So do something. You might not have a plan. You might not want to take action. But if you get the ball rolling, it will eventually roll with its own momentum.

Muscle & Athletes: Part 2 – After Yoga

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Muscle And Athletes: Part 2 - Muscle after Yoga
In this follow-up episode, I sit down with Chris Isom of Isom Fitness, former professional basketball player, competitive yoga athlete, and fitness expert, and continue our discussion on yoga’s impact on our athletic careers, specifically focusing on the topic of building muscle. This episode focuses on our perceptions of yoga and muscle AFTER starting yoga. We talk about what we’ve learned thanks to yoga, how it changed our perception of fitness in general, the changes we made to our training habits, and the effects yoga had on our fitness.

Morning Routine for Confidence & Energy

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Morning Routine for Confidence & Energy
This is a 15-minute yoga routine to boost your confidence and give you energy for the day. We do this by opening your shoulders, ribs, hips, strengthening your core, boosting your posture, and opening & strengthening the spine. It’s a 15-minute workout you can do before any work day and feel great, even if you’re … Read More

How to Actually Enjoy Fitness – Off The Mat

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How to Actually Enjoy Fitness
I was sitting at the pool today talking about fitness goals with a very close friend of mine. Let me give you a little back story so you can get a clear picture. We met in Austin about 4 years ago as fellow Midwestern lacrosse players. We are similar in many ways. We’re both entrepreneurs. … Read More