7 Poses That Make You Fart

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This blog had to be done, and I’m happy to be the guy who writes it. Everyone has had that “oh shit” moment in that class when they are trying to hold a fart in. Most of us have learned that in order to prevent unwanted posterior expressions that it’s important to be careful about … Read More

10 Yoga Sayings That Drive Me Crazy

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A lot of you have become fans of Man Flow Yoga because I keep it focused on the physical benefits of yoga. You can watch my videos or attend a workout and know that I will not say something that will try and make you change your way of thinking or ask you to search … Read More

10 Poses for Better Sex

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10 Poses for Better Sex
It’s something we’ve all heard. Yoga helps improve your sex life. Does it really? Personally, I’d like to think so. Yoga helps to improve your sex life by making you more physically fit, improving your circulation, increasing bodily awareness (sensation), and helping you to connect on a deeper level with your partner. Here are my … Read More

Two Times Weekly

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I am writing this blog to talk about my beliefs (surprise, surprise) regarding the frequency required in performing a particular form of physical fitness for you to see results in a given area. Once a week isn’t enough. Sometimes three times a week is too much. But twice is just about right. First off – … Read More

Death by Warrior 2

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This workout, aptly named Death by Warrior 2, will test your lower body endurance and bring your hip flexibility to new heights. Available on gumroad.com for download for the convenience of watching it whenever you want, regardless of whether or not you have YouTube access. Click here to check it out!

How do I start doing yoga?

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How do I start yoga? This week I’m going to write about the best way to start doing yoga. Now, because you’re on the Man Flow Yoga website, I’m obviously going to recommend that you start doing yoga by using the videos that I’ve created. Almost all of these videos are available on my YouTube … Read More