How to Get a Bigger Chest

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Not only does it give you the strength for handstands, more push-ups, a better bench press, and a stronger overall upper body – it also gives you a larger presence, makes you feel more confident, and helps your shoulders feel great. It also helps with sagging chest, shoulder pain, poor posture, and man boobs. Most … Read More

5 Best Warm-up Yoga Postures for Equestrians

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5 Best Warm-up Yoga Postures for Equestrians
We all know that we should warm-up before a workout. But not all of us know what that warm-up should look like. I’ve worked with equestrians on a very close basis for the last 3 years, and my experience has taught me that the most effective warm-ups for equestrians combine muscle activation, mobility, and balancing postures.

Remote Training

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What is remote training? Remote training is your opportunity to train with Dean Pohlman, CEO and Founder of Man Flow Yoga, no matter where in the world or what time zone you are in. Dean has worked with people all over the world, including the United States, Canada, Ireland, England, South Africa, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, … Read More