Flow Session 2

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A full yoga session! Challenging and intense, yet suitable for yogis of all levels.  

Yoga for Maintenance

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Yoga for Maintenance Yoga 3-5x weekly Body weight resistance 3x weekly Optional: Cardio 2-3x weekly Optional: Weightlifting / CrossFit 1-3x weekly There are a number of reasons to add yoga to your workout routine if you are seeking to maintain your current weight and body shape. Weights and running are tough on your body, and like it … Read More

Yoga for Gaining Mass

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Yoga for Gaining Mass   Yoga 2-3x weekly Weightlifting 3 – 4x weekly Optional: Cardio 1 – 2x weekly “Why should I do yoga if I’m trying to gain muscle?” Yoga is the perfect supplement to a mass building program.  Yoga provides benefits in flexibility, core strength, muscle recovery, and cardiovascular ability that you need … Read More

Yoga Class Etiquette for Men

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  I recently saw a post covering proper behavior for your first yoga session, and decided that it would be wise to write a post on proper etiquette for men to keep in mind for their first trip to a studio. Here I list 5 guidelines to help ensure that you get the most of your yoga experience. 1) … Read More

Yoga videos: Beginner? Advanced? How can I tell?

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If you read the description for most yoga classes, it will read something along the lines of, “A vinyasa flow session suitable for all levels. Come ready to sweat!”  From a marketing standpoint, this makes complete sense.  A class suitable for yogis of all levels means a class that is open to everybody. Higher attendance, … Read More