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Yoga Poses for Man

The Man Flow Yoga App is finally here.

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Man Flow Yoga App – A Full Description and User Instructions

The Man Flow Yoga app is composed of 3 key components – the Routines, the Poses, and the Community. The home screen displays the pose of the day, and the options to click ‘routines’, ‘poses’, or ‘community’. Tap any of these options to enter the corresponding section.


The Routines section contains workouts arranged by length or difficulty that you can do whenever you have a few minutes of free time and twelve square feet to move. The workouts have names such as “Improve My Squat” or “Ouch, my lower back” so that you can choose a workout with a specific physical goal, or one that applies to your mood and current situation. Once you select a routine, you have the ability to preview the poses involved, and then click start when you’re ready to start your routine.


The routine starts when you tap the timer button in the lower level of the screen, located between the backward (<<) and forward (>>) buttons. The pose that’s up in the cue will be displayed in the middle of the screen, along with the pose title and side (if applicable) in the upper left corner.


Also in the upper left corner is the autoplay switch, which allows you to move from one pose to the next without touching the screen. For those who would like the workout to pause whenever a new pose comes up, autoplay can be turned off. A keyboard click noise will sound whenever the timer hits zero and a new pose begins. To repeat a pose, simply click the rewind button (<<) at the bottom left. To skip a pose, just hit the fast forward button (>>) in the bottom right of your screen. Tapping the timer will pause the workout.

IMG_2598 IMG_2599

To learn more about a pose in the routine, simply tap the image, and the pose description will slide up to replace the image. This feature allows you learn each pose involved in the routine without having to leave and then re-enter the routine whenever you need to check proper technique for an exercise, creating a smooth, seamless experience for the user.

IMG_2595 IMG_2596

Tapping the ‘finish’ button in the upper-right corner of the screen will prompt the message, “Your routine is not finished! Would you like to end early?” followed by the options ‘continue’ or ‘end routine’. Selecting ‘continue’ will take you back to the routine, while selecting ‘end routine’ will take you to a routine summary, including the routine difficulty, number of poses completed out of total poses in the routine, duration, and downtime. From there, you have the option to share your routine results on Facebook through the MFY Community Facebook app and include whatever custom message you would like to include in your post. Or, you can simply hit ‘done’ and return to the home screen of the app.

IMG_2601 IMG_2602

The Poses section contains over 70 poses and exercises that can use to improve your physical fitness or bring relief to your aching muscles. The poses are organized into 9 sections, including balance (one-leg), standing, arm variations, prone, seated, supine, upright prone, movements / transitions, and kneeling. Simply scroll down the list, locate the pose that you are looking for, and click to bring up the pose details for that pose. This pose details include high quality photos of the pose and variations from the pose (if multiple variations exist) from multiple camera angles, to ensure that the user can see achieve sufficient visual understanding.

IMG_2613 IMG_2612

The pose details also include a recommended duration, target area, practical benefits, technique, and notes for the pose, so that you can learn a new pose or review other poses whenever you have access to your phone.

IMG_2616 IMG_2615

*Data is only required to view the photos on the pose details page. Data is not required to view the text (duration, target area, physical benefits, technique, and tips) of the pose details.

The Man Flow Yoga Members Area
The Members Area is a monthly subscription service which allows members to access a regularly updated workout library (featuring HD video and crystal-clear sound), diet & nutrition section, and lifestyle section, found on the Man Flow Yoga website. The reason why this is separate from the app is because of the extra added value of the Members Area, as well as the inability to connect the two platforms. (Technology is difficult!) You do not have to be a paying subscriber of the Man Flow Yoga App in order to access the Man Flow Yoga Members Area, and likewise, you do not have to be a paying subscriber of the Man Flow Yoga Members Area in order to access the Man Flow Yoga App.
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Enjoy the Man Flow Yoga App!

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