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Be An Authentic, Positive Force of Inspiration.

Be An Authentic, Positive Force of Inspiration.

I am an authentic, positive force of inspiration. That's a…

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  • When you get the technique right, crow becomes less of an upper body endurance pose and a balance pose.

It's easier for stronger men with an athletic or weightlifting background to do this pose incorrectly for months simply because they have the upper body strength. It takes a while until they figure out proper shoulder alignment, how to use their core to support themselves, and most importantly, how to protect their shoulders. 
I have a crow pose tutorial on my YouTube channel at - check it out!

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  • Hanging out with my good friend Frances of Diesel Foods! Frances is my go to girl on food for physical performance. She was just made the Austin nutritional rep for Nike! Yeah, she's a big deal. We'll be doing a day of nutrition and yoga in early of 2015. For now, if you're in #ATX #Austin area, check out Diesel Foods on South 1st Street. Food is amazing and extremely healthy! Fresh made, ready to go food for athletes and performance. 
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