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Guest Post, Brandon Epstein – What does it mean to be spiritual?

Guest Post, Brandon Epstein – What does it mean to be spiritual?

Spirituality is something that I've never been into. I've always…

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  • Got asked to #stopdropandyoga by @the_stoked_brogi , but I've been in the car for four hours. So... Here I am sitting cross-legged with a straight spine instead of slouching forward with a 44 ounce soft drink from the gas station. Cheers!

Sitting cross-legged in lotus helps to stretch your hips. Lifting your chest and pulling your shoulders down and back helps to straighten the spine and engages the muscles in your shoulders and upper back. Not a bad way to sit.

I'll tag @inspireananda and @gustavoapadron to stop drop and yoga. 
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  • This is how we train abs in Man Flow Yoga. Kick! Harder! Again! @inspireananda 
In all seriousness, here's what's going on here:

I'm suspended by ropes to help release my lower back and stretch the muscles between my spine. It's the same as an inversion table! This is really good to do after an intense yoga session or without focusing on lower back, or if your lower back is feeling sore. Try it a few times per week and you'll definitely notice the difference!

#manflowyoga #yogaforbamfs #yogaeverydamnday #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #invertyoself

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