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5 Poses That Will Fix Your Shoulders

5 Poses That Will Fix Your Shoulders

You know that crickity-crackity sound your shoulder makes when you move…

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  • Warrior 2 is a lot easier than you think. Start with your legs spread wide and shoulders and hips facing sideways. Turn your front foot to face forward and bend into your front knee. Knee over ankle. Back legs straight. Hips and shoulders facing sideways. Arms out. Tada.

Open your hip flexors and work on lower body endurance and core strength. 
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  • I got #stopdropandyoga - ed by @lloydie21787 . Here's my headstand. The key to headstand is core engagement. Try not to put all the weight in your head. I like this variation because it's easy to put the weight in the hands here. You can even work on lifting your head off the ground and pressing up to handstand if you're feeling ambitious. Mostly... you just press up and then your feet start to fall to the ground. At worst, it looks like an awesome transition.

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The shorts are from @ErosSportInc and the mat is a Man Flow Cork Yoga Mat from Yoloha Yoga. Check out my website for details on both!
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