Yoga for Golf

DeanLong (25 min+), Blogs, From Dean, Video

It’s interesting to sometimes find out that the people within your immediate network (quite often your family members) are the people who can help you the most. (And at other times, you hope that one of the tens of thousands of people in the network that you’ve built can help.) A yoga for golf video … Read More

Upper Body Yoga Workout (Intense)

DeanLong (25 min+), Video

Enjoy this beast of a workout. Tons of upper body, lots of body weight resistance exercises to help you develop your upper body strength and get YOGA-RIPPED. This video is the dress rehearsal for a series of DVD’s that I am working on with Body by Yoga. The DVD’s are meant to focus on yoga as a … Read More

Lower Body Yoga Workout (Intense)

DeanLong (25 min+)

The hardest 35-minute lower-body yoga workout of your life. This video is for a series of DVD’s that I am creating for a company called Body by Yoga. It’s going to be targeted to people who want yoga for a workout – exactly what I’m doing with Man Flow™ Yoga. Any feedback that you have … Read More