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7 Habits of Really Really Really Ridiculous Fit People

7 Habits of Really Really Really Ridiculous Fit People

Aren’t these articles so catchy? I’ve seen a few of…

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  • Assisted pigeon stretch to start out the morning. An awesome stretch to help relieve sore butt muscles and to help reduce tension in your lower back. Use a partner to help increase the intensity of the stretch by having him or her push down on your lower back. Start by lightly pressing on the side that the leg is stretching, and moving across from there. Avoid putting weight in the knee.
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  • WOD - batman / Zoolander. Modeling with @atlaswearables to help promote their new fitness watch. It actually measures the amount of push-ups or squats you do. They're even working on some yoga stuff, counting vinyasas per workout. 
Turn your phone sideways - it looks like I'm just standing against a wall.

Rocking a @vouri tank top! They were nice enough to send me some swag in the mail last week. I'll post up some of their shorts later this week.

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