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90 Day Program: The Next Level

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  • It's important to have a balance of strength and flexibility. If you're strength inclined, focus on pushing your range of motion while doing yoga or working out. If you're more inclined to flexibility, don't focus as much on pushing your range of motion. In your case, the focus should be on creating strength within your existing range of motion.

In either situation, a lack of balance between strength and flexibility can set you up for injuries. Hyper mobility is just as unsafe as lack of mobility.

In short, make sure you have a nice blend of strength and flexibility!

Here I am at the top of a muscle-up working with @eddievphotos for @atlaswearables . They've created a watch that measures your vitals in ADDITION to counting reps! Because fuck counting, that's why.

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  • When I'm not doing yoga, I'm probably pretending to sing onstage at a bar. Sunday fun days. #latergram

Singing with my bae @marisa_22 and rocking a MFY tank, of course. #WCW

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