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This week (8/19/2019)
Easy Stretching, Flexibility, & Pain Relief for Knees

Upper Body Home Workout Back pain relief - Bulletproof Your BackFix Bad Posture - The Posture FixBeginners Yoga for men - GuyogaPower Yoga - Yoga Body

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I combined my experience as a competitive athlete with my passion for yoga.

I combined my experience as a competitive athlete with my passion for yoga to create Man Flow Yoga

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Man Flow Yoga Testimonial - Kevin Lehoe

After a few weeks of MFY, the pain in my knees & lower-back has pretty much gone away. My entire body feels way better.


I workout regularly and play soccer, but I was having quite a bit of lower-back and knee pain. Honestly, after only a few weeks in I started to realize all of the muscles that I never really activated before (hips, glutes, abs). Its crazy, I started to actively think about using those muscles for even basic everyday movements.

I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface with yoga and where I can take my body.

Kevin Lehoe

Weightlifter &
Soccer Player

Man Flow Yoga Testimonial - David Cotton - Runner, Retired USAF Brigadier General

After many years of injury from running, Man Flow Yoga is what keeps me going and allows me to continue doing what I love.


Recently I was able to complete a half-marathon, which I had not done in the past 7 years. Yoga is now part of my daily routine. And makes me feel generally better. After joining one of Dean’s challenges, I’ve lost 11 pounds, and am now the basic general build and weight that I was in my 30s – something I didn’t expect, since I’m in my 50’s!

David Cotton

Endurance Runner,
Retired USAF Brigadier General

Man Flow Yoga Testimonial - Leila Fahim - Avid Rock Climber

When I first tried Man Flow Yoga, the workout flew by, it was easy to follow, and I felt that I had finished a great workout.


I used to hate yoga, I could never follow along with their instructions because they would use these sanskrit terms that I didn’t know the meaning of, and I would get bored with the lack of intensity.

After a few weeks of Man Flow Yoga, I noticed that I had better posture, faster recovery time, and it helped me to become stronger rock climber as well!

Leila Fahim

Former Body-builder
& Avid Rock Climber

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