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Want to become a Affiliate Partner for Man Flow Yoga and help your community get the benefits of Man Flow Yoga?

The Man Flow Yoga Affiliate Partner Program was created to help you influence your audience or community to invest in themselves with Man Flow Yoga.

Here are the benefits of being a Man Flow Yoga Affiliate Partner:

  • Get credit – even if your customer doesn’t purchase the first time.
    We give commissions on all sales AND leads, so even if your customer doesn’t purchase the first time they see a Man Flow Yoga product, you get the credit anyway. Cookies never expire.
  • Commissions on subscriptions that NEVER expire.
    You’ll receive commissions on all subscriptions that started as a result of your referral links, for as long as the subscription lasts and payments are being successfully processed. Even 16 months after somebody signs up, we’ll still pay you.
  • Sales Resources
    We provide you with resources to help you sell to your audience more effectively. These resources are constantly growing, and you can easily access them in your Referral Partner Center homepage.
  • Complementary Fitness System.
    Man Flow Yoga offers a unique product that serves as an extremely effective complement to your audience’s existing workout routine. We continually discuss the necessity of changing up your workout routines and doing more than just yoga in order to be effective in your training.

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Here are the Man Flow Yoga products you are able to promote and be compensated for:

  • Subscriptions to the Man Flow Yoga Members’ Area
  • eBooks
  • Challenges
  • Specialty Training Programs
  • all other MFY digital products

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