5 Fat-Burning Misconceptions

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5 fat burning misconceptions
These misconceptions are making your fat-burning ineffective and your life more complicated, less fulfilling, and less funner-er. But I’m going to do more than just present the misconceptions – I’m giving you tips you can use and immediately implement. The best part of these tips is that, in addition to making fat-burning more effective, they’ll … Read More

How to Get a Bigger Chest

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Not only does it give you the strength for handstands, more push-ups, a better bench press, and a stronger overall upper body – it also gives you a larger presence, makes you feel more confident, and helps your shoulders feel great. It also helps with sagging chest, shoulder pain, poor posture, and man boobs. Most … Read More

Do I Ever Sit Down and Watch TV?

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Last week I had a friend send me a message out of the blue. I didn’t know if it was serious or not. I didn’t even know if he expected me to respond, but it got me thinking. His text message said: “Do you ever sit down and watch TV?” I know what it was … Read More

15 Tips for Yoga Beginners

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I wrote this blog so you can expect what you’ll experience as a newbie to yoga. I’m also publishing this blog as part of the release of the FIRST Body by Yoga workout series, Guyoga: Beginner’s Yoga for Men, a workout series I designed to teach people the physical fitness aspects of yoga, to improve strength, flexibility, … Read More

What’s the difference between flexibility and mobility?

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What's the difference between flexibility and mobility?
Have you ever wondered about the difference between mobility and flexibility? The two terms seem to be used interchangeably, yet actually have different meanings. Fortunately, there is a simple explanation. Flexibility refers to the ability of your soft tissue (muscles) to stretch. Mobility, on the other hand, is an umbrella term for the many elements … Read More

Ask Dean – July 3rd

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Daniel Widdows, United Kingdom Alright Dean, quite curious about something. Whether or not Yoga, in genera,l is good for building muscle. I’m getting into Calisthenics and was wondering if you could give me a bit of advice. Would your yoga be best done on it’s own, or accompanied by weight training/body weight training for building … Read More