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Sometimes you just need to…

Most of us assume that the best way to take action is to seek inspiration and get motivated, but this actually isn’t true.

Action INSPIRES motivation. And motivation inspires further action.

So do something. You might not have a plan. You might not want to take action. But if you get the ball rolling, it will eventually roll with its own momentum.

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I’m a Total Weirdo

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This week I want to tell you about a super weird habit of mine. It involves going over the top in order to ensure I have a healthy meal. For me, my health is a priority. That means I do things other people won’t in order to put my health first. That includes making health … Read More

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Who are your enemies?

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Hey Friends, At the beginning of last week, I sat down and jotted down a few things in my notebook, like I usually do, in preparation for the week. These notes are typically a set of principles I want to work more on. (A future project is putting all of these principles together and coming … Read More

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