6 of My Weirdest Healthy Habits

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Yoga Strap Shoulders & Core

People who are above average when it comes to being healthy might not do some of the weird activities that the people in the 90th percentile and above do in order to keep themselves healthy. At that point, being healthy is more of a lifestyle than an hour of exercise and semi-conscious meal decisions. Here … Read More

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Fitness = Workout < Recovery

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This blog is about an approach to fitness that I’ve been using for years now, that has enabled me to stay in the best shape possible while also maintaining a relatively pain-free body. When you’re involved in a significant amount of physical activity, your body is going to feel it. Eventually it gets to the … Read More

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Yoga Basics for Men

It’s now available! I’ve added over 45 new exercises, variations, and poses to bring the total number to over 75. I’ve added an entirely new arm variation section, so that you can mix them with the standing poses to create hundreds of pose variations. I’ve also added 6 new workouts, each with a specific target … Read More

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