How Often Should You Do Yoga – A Guide

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How Often Should You do Yoga

I’m writing this blog to discuss how frequently you need to be doing yoga in order to get noticeable results, but I also cover related information to help you understand more specifically how to make yoga work for you and your goals.

With a fitness-centric yoga program, you can expect noticeable results -mostly in your overall physical feeling, energy & stress levels, and its impact on your other fitness activities – within your first month.

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Back Decompression at Home: A Comprehensive Guide

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Spinal Decompression At Home

Are you looking for stretches for spinal decompression to help alleviate back pain? Maybe you spend most of your day sitting at a desk, driving, or otherwise inactive. Or, maybe you did a workout yesterday that has left your back feeling tight and overly sore.

Whatever the case, this blog will give you the most effective exercises for decompressing your spine, relieving back pain, and getting you back to feeling great – or at the very least, better than you were!

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The Best Tips for Beginners in Yoga – Especially Men [Updated 2019]

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The Best Tips for Men New to Yoga – Beginner’s Yoga for Men

I wrote this blog to give tips for beginners in yoga especially for men about what you’ll experience and what you should focus on.  This blog is specifically written to help men who are starting with my beginner’s yoga for men program, Guyoga, but it should be equally helpful to anybody who is starting yoga … Read More

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My 3 Month Bulking Results: Habits, Diet, Exercise, Sleep, & Overall Takeaways

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My Bulking Blog: Habits, Diet, Exercise, Sleep, & Overall Takeaways

A Comprehensive Account of My 3-Month Bulking Experience & The Results.

It’s been just over 1 month since my “bulking” officially ended, but I feel like I’ve been able to fully digest the bulking process, and I’m ready to share what I hope to be an informative and useful account of my bulking experience with you.

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5 Low-Impact Exercises to Build Muscle & Increase Strength (Guy‑Friendly Yoga Postures)

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5 Low-Impact Exercises to Build Muscle & Increase Strength (Guy-Friendly Yoga Postures)

I know you might be wondering – can yoga build muscle? Specifically, will Man Flow Yoga help to replace resistance training? Many people are interested in our fitness-centric form of yoga for men because it is a low-impact alternative to weights or traditional exercise, which are higher-impact and can be accompanied by discomfort, pain, or recurring injury.

I want to show you 5 postures that are extremely effective for building muscle and increasing your strength, and give you some tips on how to incorporate them into your workout routine. View these 5 poses – along with target areas, benefits, key technique points, and more – below!

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Yoga for Athletes

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Yoga For Athletes: Workout Programs Combining Yoga, Weight Training, & Exercise for Athletes to Build Strength & Stamina, Improve Sports Performance, & Complement Your Training

Yoga for athletes is specifically designed to complement your other workouts such as weight lifting, running, boot camping, rock climbing, sports, or crossfit.

Not every type of yoga fits the needs and demands of the fitness-focused. Some types of yoga can actually do more harm than good. Read on to learn about yoga for athletes and which yoga workout programs will fit into your current routine.

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