Strength Foundations Challenge

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Strength Foundations 2020 Challenge

Starting Monday, April 6, I’ll be leading a 6-Week Challenge combining two of our most popular workout programs – the Strength Foundations Course, and the brand-new Strength Foundations Workout Series.

Strength Foundations is a unique combination of yoga postures, isometric exercises, and bodyweight exercises that helps to dramatically improve your strength, mobility, and your overall fitness. It’s a program made to address common weaknesses, prevent injury, and help take your fitness to the next level. It’s no-impact, joint-friendly, and ideal for a variety of fitness goals.

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How To Get Stronger Erections with 5 Yoga Poses

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How to get stronger erections with these 5 yoga poses

Want to learn how to get stronger erections with yoga? Use these 5 yoga postures (and do them as described in this blog!) to stay erect longer, get stronger, better erections, and improve your overall sex life.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, making it the perfect time to learn yoga postures and exercises to help men improve their sex life. So whether you’re in a relationship, single, straight, bi, or gay (as far as I know, each one involves a penis if you’re a man), give these a shot!

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How to Strengthen Your Glutes and Core

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How to Strengthen Your Glutes and Core

Are you interested in building glute strength? Want a bigger butt? Or maybe you’re interested in preventing knee pain/injury, lower-back pain, or improving your physical performance?

Whatever the reason, understanding the importance of your glutes, along with right exercises for building glute strength, are sure to help you. I’m going to walk you through all of that and much more on this glute-strengthening, butt-building blog.

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