The brand-new MFY Members’ Area: Improvements and Updates

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Improvements and Updates
Improvements and Updates
We’ve created a brand new Members’ Area to improve the overall experience by giving you:
  • More control
    The features give you more control, helping you determine what’s displayed on each page, based on your preferences, your saved workouts, and more.
  • Faster load times
    Get to your workout and hit play in just a few seconds, waste less time, and bounce from workout to workout in less time.
  • Planning ahead
    Add saved workouts to your personalized home screen and to your personal calendar with the click of a button
  • Mobile-friendly
    Use the Members’ Area on your tablet, phone or other mobile device with ease.
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New Features

  • Simplified homepage
  • Your Saved Workouts on homepage
  • Decluttered, simple, mobile-friendly layout
  • Fewer options, easier to navigate
  • Sidebar menu allows you full navigate site without having to scroll all the way to the bottom
  • New top bar menu specific to Members’ Area, to prevent confusion and eliminate back and forth between Members’ Area and main Man Flow Yoga website
Site speed
  • Site speed greatly improved
  • Brand-new dedicated server
  • Faster-loading pages
Workout Library
  • Totally revised search filters, much easier to find your workout
  • a new “Intensity” filter, to search for workouts by intensity levels of 1 – 5
  • Target Area, Skill Level, and Text Search added
  • Search by exact number of minutes you want for a workout (0 to 70)
  • 160 workouts and counting
  • Add a workout to your homepage OR your personal calendar with the click of a button

Other new features include:

  • Programs & Challenge – Find the perfect workout program, sorted by difficulty and days per week
  • Get Started section – start your Man Flow Yoga experience with confidence as you go through a complete walkthrough of the Members’ Area.
  • Access Account Information – easily update your personal and billing info, update saved workouts, change your community profile settings, and view your membership on a single page.

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