Philadelphia Workshop: The Yoga Strength X Factor

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Sunday, September 30 2018 - Man Flow Yoga Workshop In Philadelphia

The Yoga Strength X-Factor Workshop - Philadelphia - September 30, 2018

The Yoga Strength X-Factor

Learn how yoga can uniquely build more strength, improve your performance, and prevent injury to fill the gaps of typical training programs.


This is a 90-minute workshop that teaches teach you how to capitalize on the uniqueness of yoga to get stronger and fill the gaps of typical training programs. Improve your mile time. Correct muscular imbalances. Lift more. Recover faster. And feel incredible!

Most yoga does a good job of covering passive range of motion, balance work, core strengthening, breathing, and restorative stretching. These are good, but there are 3 crucial areas missing from this list, which you’ll learn at this workshop.

They include:

  • Improving Muscle Activation
  • Building Strength in Extended Range of Motion
  • Increasing Isometric Strength

This workshop has 2 parts. First, you’ll learn how to improve on each of these aspects in the most common yoga postures. Once we’ve finished this, we’ll go through a full-body yoga flow practicing these postures once more, integrating what you’ve learned in part 1 to reinforce this method of effectively practicing yoga for maximum strength.

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