Handstand Medicine Ball Exercise

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Check out this video for a great exercise that helps build the upper body strength, core strength, and stability required to do a proper handstand. Do it as slowly as you can. Remember – the more slowly you can do an exercise, the more control you’ll have.

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The Two Secrets to Balancing

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A lot of people have problems with balance. Many people who are athletically-gifted or natural athletes complain that they aren’t good at yoga because they have problems balancing. Of course when someone just starts yoga, it takes time to adjust to the awkwardness involved in some of the poses, and it takes time for your … Read More

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POTW: Crescent Warrior

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Intro: If you’ve ever been to a yoga class, you’ve probably done it. Crescent Warrior is a very popular yoga pose that works on endurance and flexibility in the whole body. For beginners, the best way to get into crescent warrior is from a lunge position. With your knee above your ankle in your front … Read More

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