Building Lean Muscle

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Guest blog: Lauren, Focused To Be Fit Hello! My name is Lauren and I blog over at Focused To Be Fit where I write about finding the balance between getting fit while still having fun! In addition to blogging, I also have a full-time job, I’m a Registered Dietetic Technician, a Beachbody Coach and I also serve on the Junior … Read More

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35 Minute Flow

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Here is a full-body 35-minute flow that is appropriate for a quick workout or to sooth aching muscles. A lot of targeting the core in order to lengthen the lower back and help relieve lower back pain, and a lot of hip and hamstring flexibility. Check it out!

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Common Excuses to Avoid Yoga

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Here is a list of excuses that I have heard when I ask people to come to one of my Man Flow Yoga classes, or attend a class with me. I am writing this mainly for your entertainment, but also to help reveal some of the misconceptions about yoga that I hear about on an (almost) daily basis. Also, I … Read More

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How do I get more flexible?

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I am writing this blog to explain the mentality required to me more flexible. I am framing this method of thinking in terms understandable to a guy who is accustomed to a more common form of fitness for men, such as weight lifting, sports, or running, where the goal is endurance, strength, or agility, and flexibility is considered secondary to … Read More

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What is perseverance? The point of this blog is to explain how I have come to understand the word “perseverance”, and how I have applied that to what I do with Man Flow Yoga, with fitness in general, and with life. I went to school at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, where I triple majored and attained varying degrees … Read More

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