Yoga for Lower Back

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Here’s a great 30-minute video to work on your lower back. This will help strengthen your core, work on your endurance, and also work on protecting your lower back while simultaneously helping to relieve lower back soreness. Also, please do me a huge favor and visit and vote for the Man Flow Yoga video! … Read More

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35 Minute Flow

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Here is a full-body 35-minute flow that is appropriate for a quick workout or to sooth aching muscles. A lot of targeting the core in order to lengthen the lower back and help relieve lower back pain, and a lot of hip and hamstring flexibility. Check it out!

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Common Excuses to Avoid Yoga

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Here is a list of excuses that I have heard when I ask people to come to one of my Man Flow Yoga classes, or attend a class with me. I am writing this mainly for your entertainment, but also to help reveal some of the misconceptions about yoga that I hear about on an … Read More

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Man Flow South West

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Hey guys, Dean here. I’m going to be offering donation-based classes at Zilker Park during the week of SXSW on March 12 and 13 on Wednesday and Thursday at 12:00 PM. Get ready for a tan, a workout, and a remedy for your hangover. No mat or towel required. Just bring your self. Share this … Read More

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How do I get more flexible?

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I am writing this blog to explain the mentality required to me more flexible. I am framing this method of thinking in terms understandable to a guy who is accustomed to a more common form of fitness for men, such as weight lifting, sports, or running, where the goal is endurance, strength, or agility, and … Read More

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