Dani Greer

I’m Dani Greer, the resident Lady Manbassador. I’ve been a fan of “virtual” yoga since waking up to Lilias Folan on PBS decades ago. The convenience and privacy of television yoga suited my busy schedule just fine back in my corporate days when I lived in Denver, and now that I’m in a small town on the high plains of Colorado, online yoga programs are about the only way to get really inspired to continue practicing every day. I’d have to drive a couple of hours for a live session, and that’s just not practical for me.Exercise has progressed in fits and starts over the course of my life, but the focus has become more important as I get older. Movement and diet are my drugs of choice for a couple of reasons. I was born with a connective tissue disorder, which contributes to a bit of joint pain, and of course, just plain aging adds to that issue. My goals in my yoga practice include:

  • Pain control
  • Flexibility
  • Balance

I’m also big into anti-inflammatory diet, but with an emphasis on beautiful and delicious meals. I cook with color, and lots of healthy spices and herbs, and feel that tasty and nourishing foods are as good for our health as exercise and positive attitude.

I admit I’ve sometimes gotten bored with yoga programs, especially if they seem too esoteric. I’m fairly pragmatic by nature and that’s part of the reason I loved Man Flow Yoga from the first video I watched. I don’t remember how that YouTube video appeared on my computer screen – I’m guessing via Twitter where I grow my community on an ongoing basis – but I was hooked from the get-go. Dean is so wonderfully straightforward in his presentations, skipping most of the usual chit-chat, and launching right into the exercises. I love that and really need the down-to-earth inspiration!

To that end, I’m looking forward to the group interaction in the Man Flow Yoga community on Facebook. I’m a writer and book editor, and find the online communities related to publishing very helpful for advice and motivation. I’m sure this yoga community will be just as inspiring and helpful every day!