Emerik Mehes

Emerik Mehes

Hey gang! Emerik here. I work in Kingston ON as a high school science and math teacher. I specialize in physics and I have a habit of reading voraciously when I find something that inspires me. This led me to developing an interest in health and fitness which I also have the privilege of applying to my teaching. I am currently one of two teachers at our school in charge of the Sports Focus Program where I teach PowerFit/Sports Conditioning. In my spare time, I also train a small number of private clients and run small bootcamps in my local community.

Aside from that, I spend most of my time taking care of my family. It gets pretty busy with 4 step kids and 2 of my own but I still find time to train and to cook healthy meals. My wife has celiac disease with a number of “complimentary allergies” such as dairy, corn, and certain fruits, so i’ve become a self proclaimed paleo diet expert. I enjoy recreating gluten free versions of my favorite meals so I can share the foods I love with the people I love.

I stumbled across Man Flow Yoga about 2 years ago and quickly fell in love with the direct instruction and Dean’s fitness centered approach to yoga. Less spirituality, more functionality. I immediately began integrating his methods into my training regimen and results followed shortly after. Yoga has taught me a lot about the importance of having a complete sense of awareness when performing the simplest or most complex movements. Breath and body must be in control and in harmony before one can move on to more challenging movements.

I’ve come a long way but still have much to improve. My journey in fitness has taught me a lot about myself and has helped me get through some of the most challenging times of my life. It is my hope to help others in this community achieve their own goals and discover what yoga can do for them.

For more info about me and the way I train, check out  www.leveragefitnessblog.ca