My name is Brandon Everett Louton, but you can call me Everett. I live in my hometown of Walcott, IA, about an hour East of Iowa City. I’m a Barista at Starbucks which is perfect because I’m a huge coffee nerd. I love to kick it with good friends, make new ones, mess around on the guitar, read a good book (Currently reading “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”) and I’m always trying to find new shows on Netflix/Amazon Prime to fill the void that was left by finishing New Girl… For the third time.

About my start with Man Flow- Basically, I was just really tired of being another scrawny dude in high school. I started looking into my training options, and settled on gymnastics. But guess what? This 17 year old didn’t have enough money for gymnastics training. I knew I was serious about getting into shape, so I knew it wouldn’t be something I was just going to do without any guidance. Eventually my mother dragged me along to a local yoga class. This class was a very beginner class, my expectations were lower than my grades. And even though I was a beginner, it totally kicked my ass. There was no doubt in my mind from that point on that yoga was going to be my sport. And what better? I could do it anywhere, anytime, and in this day and age there were resources for me at my fingertips! I put these resources to use, made some connections, and stumbled upon Man Flow Yoga on YouTube. After connecting with Dean, I had the motivation I needed. From that point on, I started doing yoga almost every day after school. Of course it took time, patience, and a lot of hard work; just like weightlifting would. But since that yoga class, I haven’t touched a weight. Flash forward to the present; 1 year of training with only yoga and bodyweight exercises inspired by yoga, I’ve gained 15 pounds, and I’m as strong and as healthy as I’ve ever been. Physically and mentally.

    About my passions- After practicing yoga for a year, and recently picking up calisthenics as well, I know that teaching and sharing my life changing experiences on this journey, to better others lives physically and mentally is my passion; Which is why I will be undergoing my Yoga Teacher Training this January through May, putting me on track to be a certified yoga instructor at the age of 19!!! The multiple benefits of massage therapy, especially Thai massage, has peaked my interest as well; which is why after my yoga teacher training, I’m packing up and moving out to the bustling college town of Iowa City to start my massage studies. Mainly sports, swedish, and thai. From there on out, your guess is as good as mine as to where I’ll find myself! But you better believe wherever that is, I’ll be flirting, making coffee, teaching yoga, and practicing massage all with a big smile on my face!

If you’d like, you can follow me on my journey!

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Twitter- Everett_effect

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