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I am currently in Sunny Yuma, AZ working for the Department of Defense as a Security Consultant. I am also a part time Accountability/Transformation coach with a company that has helped me get my health back in order.  Lastly, I help Dean build his YOGA EMPIRE.

I love to cook and I love to eat. Since, eating and cooking are some of my favorite hobbies, I have to maintain a pretty active lifestyle, and that is where Crossfit comes in.

I am an avid crossfitter and will tell you that you should definitely try it (JOIN US).  I am still working on getting stronger, more mobile (flexible), and just being all around athletic. Yoga has definitely helped me with my recovery in more ways than you think.  When I get injured, I don’t want to remain sedentary, Yoga keeps my body moving at a slower pace.  It also reduces the time I need to recovery and continue getting stronger and fitter.  I was once 170 lbs @ 5’ 3’’. (not a pretty sight) I definitely do not want to get back there.

I love Man Flow Yoga for one simple reason, it doesn’t bring all the crappy, spiritual, woo woo stuff that is associated with Yoga and just focuses Yoga as a great workout. Man Flow Yoga breaks it down “Barney Style” so everybody can follow along; from the experienced Yogi to the new Yoga-ist just get started.

I am a lifelong learner.  That means that I will continue to grow and learn about everything around me; from fitness and nutrition, leadership and personal development, and enhancing my relationships while trying to build a business (if you have an idea…shoot it over to me).  You can always learn one thing from every person you meet and every experience you have.  

“Just Get Started and Keep moving”

ManUP Health

This is the company I am coaching for and has helped me get on the right path and changing my mindset on how I see fitness and nutrition.

This is my personal blog.  Nothing is really up there right now, I’m just not that great at blogging.  Every once in a while, I’ll have a great idea and post it up. ☺ This is a work in progress.  If you have any tips, shoot them my way.

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