Joshua Rex Vanderhoof

Joshua Rex Vanderhoof

Joshua Rex is a yoga teacher from Las Cruces, New Mexico. He currently works and attends New Mexico State University, where he is a Navigator for incoming Freshman. He holds an undergraduate degree in psychology with a minor in management. Currently working on a masters degree in communication studies at NMSU, he is finishing his thesis looking at identity development and social media.

He has supplemented his formal education and gained certificates in ontological/performance coaching with an emphasis in transformation, yoga, energetics, mindfulness, quantum storytelling, Reiki, and continues to put himself through ongoing development to support his Coaching and Healing Practice.

He started to look into Man Flow Yoga as a way to get in a quick practice while he is on the road. In a world flooded with female teachers, he needed to find someone to help him build strength and to develop an athletic practice when it comes to yoga.

He is currently teaching yoga, meditation, and facilitating coaching groups and gratitude circles. His work can be found in person or online.

More informationc can be found by going to his website NothingCreated or through  FACEBOOK