Richard Gricius

Richard is a Graphic Designer, amateur baker, & self-professed nerd from Chicago.

While he generally dislikes exercise, he understands the importance of being physically fit just in case of a spontaneous zombie apocalypse. And one of those things to keeping him one step ahead of the ravening hordes? Why Yoga of course! Besides the obvious flexibility gains, yoga is a hell of a workout. Perfect for when you’re trapped in a bunker and still need to keep strong, but there are masses of undead between you and the nearest barbell set.

And the Man Flow yoga philosophy is particularly apropos because it removes the spirituality. Richard is one of those poor fools who has never “Felt the energy” or “released stress into the universe”. He’s more likely to find his center working a heavy bag or perfecting the macaronage. So a purely physical, technical, & downright practical style is just the ticket. And such a good thing should be shared!

And here we’ll end the third person and the theatrics. My own fitness journey has been an uphill battle. I’ve always been a sedentary guy. I like reading, tv, and eating. And I was always a fat kid. Until one day I figured out that I was incredibly unhappy, and I was killing myself slowly. So, at my peak weight(Somewhere above 280, I had stopped looking at the scale) I made a change.

I transformed my relationship with food, I threw myself out of my isolated existence (& my comfort zone) and began a Filipino Martial arts class. Cause if I was going to exercise, I was going to learn how to use a sword. I trained for a 5k Obstacle course that also included running away from zombies(it was AWESOME, btw).

I fell off the path a lot.(still do, really) So I laugh, and get back up. I’ve decided to view my life as a side scroller. I could go forward, and I could stand still, but I could not, would not, go back. And today, I’m happy with who I’m becoming.

Yoga was one of those things that I tried several times, but I could never really find the right fit. Until Man Flow Yoga. It’s Yoga in a way I could understand, a practice that I could actually, well, practice!

In October 2015, I had a cancerous tumor removed from my right knee – A Soft Tissue Sarcoma. As cancers go, it’s not the worst. Still terrifying. I actually had 2 surgeries, and the second one really messed me up for a while(I could barely stand, let alone do yoga). I’m On the road to recovery, though I’ll be undergoing treatment for the majority of 2016(Targeted Radiation, chemotherapy). So I’m working back into my regularly scheduled yoga and being Excessively cheerful while doing it.

So! To the hearth, the board, be welcome. My fires burn to warm you, and my torch is bright to light your path. Let us share bread and be brothers.

Swearing is not only allowed,
It’s encouraged!

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