Are you interested in learning about Mobility Yoga? Man Flow Yoga offers one of the best programs available on Mobility Yoga. Whether you’re new to yoga, just getting settled in it or have been in it a while, the principles of Mobility Yoga can greatly enhance your physical fitness routine.


Man Flow Yoga’s Mobility Project is a workout program that is designed to help you dramatically increase your mobility. It does this in a unique method that is a combination of self-massage, bodyweight exercise and deep stretching.


Increased offers a wealth of benefits including an improvement of functional flexibility, a heightened body awareness and a decrease and often elimination of joint pain and discomfort caused by muscle tightness. The Mobility Project workouts follow a specific sequence outlined as follows:


– Mobility yoga addresses trapped or restricted muscles and helps them to melt or mobilize

– You’ll begin to develop strength using muscles that were previously restricted in movement and realize more range of motion and more strength

– You’ll also gain an improvement in being able to hold longer lasting and deeper stretches to facilitate lasting flexibility.


Mobility yoga can help get your training program off the ground. The Mobility Project includes 7 total workouts, each targeting a specific muscle group or specific area of your body. Workouts range from 20 minutes to 68 minutes long and include:


– 21 minutes of head and neck workouts

– 68 minutes of upper torso, including the chest, shoulders and upper back

– 27 minutes of arms including forearms, biceps and triceps

– 50 minutes of lower torso including obliques, lower back and thoracic spine

– 56 minutes of hips 1 including hip flexors, external hip rotators and gluten

– 48 minutes of hips 2 including quads, hamstrings and adductors

– 28 minutes of lower legs including calves, ankles and feet


In order to complete the Mobility Project workouts you’ll need to use medium and large KnotOut mobility tools. You can use the code ManFlowYoga to receive 25% off of your order for these tools when you purchase them on the ManFlowYoga website.


If you’re wondering what makes Man Flow Yoga’s mobility yoga different from other programs that are out there, you’ll find that Man Flow Yoga keeps the focus almost entirely on the physical aspects of yoga while you are working out. Using their programs, you’ll build the basics of your fitness: flexibility, core strength, balance, endurance, body awareness and proper movement patterns. You can then apply these to any of your physical fitness pursuits to achieve great results. Building strength is necessary, but is not the only part of your fitness, as so many other programs would like you to think.


Get started on mobility yoga at Man Flow Yoga with a free 7 day trial offer with access to the Man Flow Yoga Members Area. You’re going to love mobility yoga that was designed specifically for men. Man Flow Yoga can meet you wherever you are along your journey to physical fitness. Get started now at

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