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The man behind Man Flow Yoga

That would be me. Hey guys, Dean here. I started yoga completely on accident when I stumbled into a yoga studio on my way to the tailor. A few months later, I started teaching yoga to my lacrosse team, and it slowly grew from there, first into a YouTube Channel, a blog, and now in the form of the Man Flow Yoga Members’ Area!

Some other things I’ve done:

  • Author of #1 bestselling Yoga Basics for Men eBook on Amazon
  • Creator of the top 5 bestselling Yoga Boost DVD on Amazon
  • Cultivated an audience of 125,000+ people on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram
  • Featured on Fox News 13 Tampa Bay, Ben Greenfield Podcast
  • Former lacrosse player for Turkey’s National Lacrosse Team
  • Collegiate lacrosse player for the University of Wisconsin – Madison

I’ve been fortunate enough to build one of the largest yoga for fitness communities on the internet. I’ve had the opportunity to help thousands of people all over the world improve their fitness through yoga, and I invite you to join me!

I created the Members’ Area as a comprehensive resource to give you the tools, resources, information, and information you need to experience the benefits of yoga – without having to change your lifestyle.

Now I have a question for you – are you excited to join?

Dean - Yoga Beast - Founder of Man Flow Yoga


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What do Members say?

  • David's Story
  • Rob's Story
  • Ryan's Story

Workout Programs

  • Specialized programs for runners, curing back pain, increasing mobility, and more!
  • Follow along to programs ranging from 3 to 7 workouts per week.
Workout Programs - Ready and Waiting!

Video Workout Library

100’s of videos, sorted by fitness focus, difficulty, and length, uploaded every week. Get the workout you’re looking for that works for your schedule, and view it anytime on any device!

Workout Library - Updated Weekly!

Bonus Content

Get way more than just workouts and workout programs.

Diet & Nutrition

Diet & Nutrition

Cooking demonstrations, fat-burning tips, and more!



Videos to help you improve your technique, refine your performance in the postures, and elevate your yoga practice. This section includes tutorials of all lengths (as short as 2 minutes long) to help you learn something new and easily apply it to your workouts.

Savings and Special Offers

Savings and Special Offers

Receive special offers from Man Flow Yoga partners and 25% off other Man Flow Yoga products.

Savings and Special Offers

Get Started Guide

A comprehensive guide to help you get the discipline, motivation, and structure to be successful with a yoga workout program.

Community Support

This is more than an online resource - it's an online community of people just like you dedicated to improving their health.

The Man Flow Yoga Community Facebook Group

The Man Flow Yoga Community Facebook Group

This is an exclusive area where members of the Man Flow Yoga Community discuss workouts, recipes, share information, and keep each other motivated!

The Man Flow Yoga Community Facebook Group

Community Challenges

FREE access to all challenges; 21 or 28-day structured programs with daily workouts, a motivating group atmosphere, and a specific goal to work towards.

What are people saying about Man Flow Yoga?


Ryan Ebeler

After 20 years of experience training for sport, strength, and many endurance events I thought I knew my body. Apparently I did not. Using the workouts and programs on the Man Flow Yoga website I grew a butt (glutes if you prefer). Something I didn't think was possible. Besides improving my looks, posture, flexibility and the way I move, I believe Man Flow Yoga is a performance and strength building game changer. Dean's precise instructions and the nature of the man flow programs allows me to strengthen muscles I would have missed due to the nature of weight lifting. Muscle can't hide when you do Man Flow Yoga.


Ralph Benitez

I am beyond happy with my results! My core is strong, my glutes are toned, and my running endurance has increased with better posture control. I can't imagine my fitness without it.


Todd “Bodyweight Todd” Kuslikis - Founder of A Shot of Adrenaline

Man Flow Yoga is a hidden gem in the fitness world. Dean has taken one of the most effective exercise systems in the world and repurposed it to help men build lean muscle and get in amazing shape. Man Flow Yoga isn't like the "typical" yoga you'll see at your local yoga studio. Its manly and tough and super effective.

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Chris Johnson - Chicago IL

Man Flow Yoga has helped me reduce back pain and hip tightness and recover more quickly after getting back into heavy lifting. It couldn't be easier to follow, I think anyone could learn the basic poses. The videos are so well narrated that I always know what to adjust if I'm not 100% sure what I should be feeling. I am a recent college graduate who has entered a desk job with 10+ hrs of commuting every week. I've played competitive sports for years and running and lacrosse gave me some reoccurring sore hips and now with less time and fewer opportunities to stay active, MFY has been very simple and very beneficial to add into my week. I never felt like yoga was really something I could learn or commit to, but Dean has brought it to the masses with all the benefits and none of the barriers.a



Since starting Man Flow Yoga at 64 years old, my weight has decreased by 30 pounds, my body fat percentage down by 6 points, my waist down 4 inches. My squats are lower, balance is improving, core is tightening, lapsing into auto-pilot is minimized, and mobility and flexibility are improving, too!


Mike Minore

Since I’ve started working with Dean, I’ve gone from a 34” waist to a 30”. I’m more flexible in my lower-back, hamstrings, and can easily touch me toes. My shoulder have also become more flexible, and my rotator cuff injuries don’t bother me anymore. I also have much better posture, and I have the tools and the knowledge to give my body the stretches and movements it needs, even if I only have a couple of minutes.


David Cotton

I appreciate Dean’s soft spoken and confident style of instruction on the videos. He doesn’t preach or yell and allows his humanity to come through to his audience. He has a unique ability to communicate with his audience and develop rapport, even via technology.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve already purchased your workout products. What’s different in the Members Area?

The Members Area includes workouts that are not available on YouTube or other websites. The quality is much higher, the videos are longer and more targeted, and multiple camera angles are included as well.

I’m not sure if I want to commit yet. Should I sign up?

Absolutely! You can easily cancel your subscription if you decide that this isn’t something you’re completed sure about, and you won’t be charged until 7 days after you sign up.

I’m a woman. Can I participate?

Yes! Anyone who wants to get stronger through results-focused yoga is welcome to Man Flow Yoga.

Can I download workouts?

Workouts can be downloaded on an a la carte basis for $2 – $5 per video.

What’s the difference between the Members’ Area and Yoga Body?

Yoga Body is a workout program created by Dean for Body by Yoga. It is a separate program, whereas the Members’ Area includes all Man Flow Yoga content*. You get tons more video, workout programs, and bonus materials with the Members’ Area.

*The Members’ Area does not include Body by Yoga content, although it can be purchased and viewed within the Members’ Area for an additional cost.

How many workouts are there in the Members Area?

At the moment there are over 100 workouts available for unlimited viewing in the Members Area. Videos are categorized by fitness focus, bodily focus, difficulty level, and workout length, to help you easily get the workouts you need for your fitness goals.

We guarantee results.

If you put in the time, you will get the results. Like any exercise program, your results will vary based on the time and effort you put into it. That said, the testimonials that we feature on this page are not atypical – these are the results that the majority of our clients see. We get emails, messages, and tweets on a daily basis from satisfied customers discussing a variety of positive results, including improved physiques, improved physical performance, better sleep, and reduced stress levels. These and much more are what you can expect as well!