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What is the Members Area?

The Man Flow Yoga Members’ Area is a comprehensive online training resource & community built on a non-traditional, fitness‑focused approach to yoga for men – with none of the spiritual stuff you’ll see in other men’s yoga classes.

  • 340+ Exclusive Workouts available nowhere else!
  • Programs & Challenges to help you reach your physical fitness goals and beyond.
  • All On-Demand Videos that you can watch on any Device
  • ​Training Tools, Tutorials, & Pose Guide

Yoga like you’ve never seen it.

A combination of yoga, bodyweight exercise and physical therapy to deliver superior results.

What is the Members Area?

Prone scapular stabilization

Easy-to-follow video workouts.

  • Easy-to-follow workouts to learn proper technique and practice safely & effectively.
  • Poses explained in plain English, with an emphasis on correct alignment.

Morning Yoga

Targeted Programs & workouts.

  • Address specific issues to prevent & relieve chronic back or other joint pain.
  • Fix your posture, increase flexibility, and build strength.
  • Improve performance, prevent injury, and recover more quickly.
  • ​Improve your focus, increase mindfulness, and relieve stress.

Tutorials, Tools & resources

Tutorials, Tools & Resources.

  • Tutorials to help you get the most out of every exercise.
  • Tools and strategies to get into a routine (and make it stick).
  • Motivation, inspiration, and accountability features

Our Members

Michael, MFY Member

Yoga for office workers and sedentary guys with back pain, posture problems, or other desk-related and inactivity issues.

Michael, MFY Member

MFY Members Ryan (Triathelte), Derek (Tennis), & David (Runner)

Yoga for athletes to improve your performance, correct muscular imbalances, decrease recovery time, and prevent injury.

MFY Members Ryan (Triathelte), Derek (Tennis), & David (Runner)

Jake, MFY Member

Technique-focused yoga to learn more in-depth technique, advance your practice, and increase skills (dolphin, crow pose, forearm stands, and more!)

Jake, MFY Member

Paul, MFY Member

Yoga for older men & middle-aged guys who want poses and modifications that work for their bodies, and joint-friendly, low-impact fitness.

Paul, MFY Member


Exclusive Workouts

280+ workouts available nowhere else, neatly categorized by difficulty, target area, fitness focus, intensity, and exact duration; with more workouts added weekly!


Structured Programs

Select one of 35+ targeted programs for functional fitness, fixing posture, improving performance, and establishing a daily practice!



These are community-centered workout programs that make it fun (and easy!) to follow a set schedule and challenge yourself to be consistent! Free for Members.


Exercises & Tutorials

100s of exercise tutorials to complement your training, including non-yoga exercises such as bodyweight exercises, weight training, and more!


Pose Guide

A comprehensive guide to yoga postures covering benefits, target areas, modifications, what to feel (and what not to feel) in your body, considerations, and more!


The Launch Guide

Start with confidence! The Launch Guide is a complete walkthrough of the Members’ Area and a step-by-step guide to getting started with Man Flow Yoga.


Nutrition & Wellness

Non-workout content to help you develop the appropriate mindset, fuel your body, and make the changes to live a sustainable, healthy lifestyle and get results.


The MFY Community

Online training with a community atmosphere for support and motivation. Ask questions. Share experiences. Hold yourself accountable.


Members’ Area Savings

Exclusive savings on Man Flow Yoga apparel, DVDs, E-Books, a la carte download access, stand-alone programs, and trusted partner products.

Streaming access to all content anytime, anywhere, on any device. Available 24/7/365.

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Heres What our Members Say

Warrior Two

What I love about the MFY content is that you can follow along a full program or do standalone workouts, both of which target different types of conditions or specific activities (yoga for back pain, yoga for neck pain, yoga for knee pain, yoga for runners, weight lifters, etc.).

The workouts are beautifully recorded, well paced, and each pose is explained in so much detail that’s easy to understand – it feels like Dean is in the room with me, seeing what I’m doing and telling me what to do. I can’t begin to explain how grateful I am for having joined MFY and it’s now become a part of my daily life that is so much more healthier and pain free.


I’m 44 and I started doing yoga two months ago after realising how little I moved during my working week. My whole body was tight, and I was starting to feel lower back pain and hip pain. I absolutely love my yoga classes but they tended to be full and I don’t get much instruction on whether I was doing a move correctly or incorrectly.

I subscribed to Man Flow Yoga and I’ve really noticed a difference in my daily practice, and I no longer have any back or hip pains or groans. I love how challenging some of the moves are and how the narration keeps me on track of whether I’m targeting the right muscles.

40+ Programs & 300+ Workouts to choose from

Exclusive to the Members’ area, you will find workouts ranging from beginner to advanced. You can always find a practice that matches your intention for your day.

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Pricing, Cancellation, & Money‑Back Guarantee

Become a Member and get unlimited access for as low as $15 per month.

Easy to cancel – Cancel whenever in your My Account section with 2 clicks.

Money-Back Guarantee – Get your money back if you’re not satisfied.*

*Does not apply to Skip The Trial.


  • Do I need to be flexible or have yoga experience?

    No, and no! Increasing your flexibility and learning yoga are two of the biggest reasons you are, and you don’t need to have flexibility in order to increase it. Our workouts and programs (especially our beginner ones) include modifications for inflexible people, so you can still get the benefit of the stretch – even if you’re not as flexible as a yoga master.

  • Is it just for men?

    Nope! Man Flow Yoga is just the name. Our community is open to and respects the opinions of all our members equally.

  • How many workouts are there?

    There are currently over 270 workouts in the Man Flow Yoga Members’ Area, with 1-2 new workouts added every week. These workouts are exclusive to the Members’ Area – they are not available anywhere else.

  • How long until I get results?

    If you do the workouts daily, you’ll notice a difference in your first week. If you do the workouts 2-3 times per week, you can expect results with your first 2 weeks.

  • Will this help with my back pain?

    Yes. We have multiple programs to specifically fix your back pain, including Bulletproof Your Back, and The Posture Fix, just to name some. Back pain is caused by hip tightness, core weakness, lack of spinal mobility, and lack of hip strength. Our workouts help with all of this.

  • I don’t have a lot of time. Will this work for me?

    Absolutely! Most of our workouts last from 25-35 minutes. This makes it easy for you to fit the workouts into your busy schedule. The entire range of our workouts is as short as 10 minutes to over 60 minutes in length.

  • Is this appropriate for seniors?

    Yes! In fact I would argue that there is nothing more appropriate for seniors. It’s low-impact, muscle-building, helps with mobility (which gets worse as you age), increase bone density, and improves sleep – all without breaking your body down, like traditional exercise. My grandpa is 81 and he’s doing it, and you can, too.

  • What’s the difference between the Members’ Area and Yoga Body or Guyoga?

    The Members’ Area is a subscription (1-month, 3-month, or 1-year period) that gives you access to all Man Flow Yoga workouts, videos, programs, and the Man Flow Yoga Community. Yoga Body and Guyoga are digital adaptations from our Body by Yoga DVD Series, and are single-purchase programs we’ve made available for the sake of convenience on manflowyoga.com.

  • I have difficulty sticking to a routine. How does MFY help?

    We have a Get Started Section (our Launch Guide) that includes tips on how to make yoga a routine you stick with, as well as tips on motivation and accountability in our Wellness Video Library. Finally, we also have a community on Facebook that is very helpful for staying engaged and motivated!

  • How many workouts do I need to do per week?

    We recommend that you complete at least 3 workouts per week to see noticeable results. A 20-30 minute will be plenty for this.

  • Are there structured workout programs I can follow?

    Yes! There are currently over 30 structured workout programs you can follow in the Members Area in our “Programs” section, ranging in length from 4 weeks to 4 months and longer.

  • Are the programs flexible? Can I proceed at my own pace?

    Yes! We’ve organized our workout programs so that you can proceed at your own pace. Just follow the workouts in order, and proceed to the next one when you’re finished. We do recommend completing at least 3 workouts per week though.

  • What equipment is required?

    All you need is a yoga mat. Optional tools include a yoga block and strap, but you can just as easily use a stack of books and a belt.

  • Can I view the workouts on my phone?

    Yes! The Members’ Area is easily accessible through your smartphone. It’s what’s known as a “mobile-responsive” design, which means the Members’ Area adapts to whatever device you are viewing it on, without any action required on your part.

  • Can I view the workouts on my Smart TV?

    Yes! You can easily do this with HDMI cable, a Chromecast or similar device, or Apple TV.

  • I don’t have great internet access. What can I do?

    Offline access is available on all of our workouts. Simply click the green “Download This Video” button below the video player of the workout you wish to download, and you’ll be able to purchase unlimited, lifetime download access to that video for $2 – $5.

  • I don’t like subscriptions. Are there other options?

    Yes! We have a Training section that includes programs which you can purchase for a one-time fee. (However, you should know that the Members’ Area gives you access to ALL of these programs at no additional cost!) You can also sign up for 1-year and elect to make it a single-purchase to prevent a recurring subscription. Lastly, you can cancel your membership at any time through your “My Account” section.

  • What’s the difference between a program and the Members’ Area?

    Purchasing a program is a one-time cost, and gives you access to a specific set of workouts included in a particular program. The Members’ Area is a recurring subscription that includes access to ALL workouts and programs*, as well as lifestyle videos, challenges, the Man Flow Yoga Community, and more.
    *Does not include access to our DVD Programs, Guyoga, Yoga Body, and Yoga Excel.

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