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The Mobility Challenge

Dramatically improve your overall mobility in less than a month.

The Mobility Challenge is one of over 30 programs in the Man Flow Yoga Members’ Area.

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First off – let’s start with answering this question:What is mobility?

Mobility doesn’t just refer to flexibility.

It’s actually an umbrella term for the following:

  •  Flexibility – The ability of your muscles to stretch
  •  Muscle Activation & Motor Control – Your ability to use your muscles (aka muscle firing)
  •  Joint Health – Minimized clicking & grinding in joints, pain-free movement
  •  Restricted Muscle Tissue – Target trigger points to release muscle knots
Do exercises that Improve muscle activation, Correct inefficient or incorrect movement patterns, and Develop mind-body awareness

When you say you want to be more flexible, you probably mean that you want to be more mobile.

Improved mobility contributes to increased physical performance benefits such as:

  • the ability to go deeper into a squat
  • being able to reach your arms straight overhead without arching your back
  • having the muscle awareness to use all of your muscles when exercising
  • less stress on your joints because your muscles are longer
  • reduced risk of injury from the elimination of muscle knots
  • move more fluidly without clicking or grinding in your joints
Improved mobility contributes to increased physical performance

When you’re 18, you can do almost anything you want to do with your body and still feel okay the next day. By your mid-20s, this rapidly changes.

Strength and endurance are easy enough to maintain, but mobility is not so forgiving. Sedentary lifestyles, a lack of stretching, and not doing the necessary maintenance work on your body means that even if you used to be a gymnast your mobility will suffer.

You may notice this lack of mobility showing itself as:

  • clicking and grinding in your joints
  • lower-back pain
  • slower recovery times
  • longer required warm-up time
  • excessive soreness/tenderness the day after a workout
  • pain or discomfort in exercises that used to cause you no trouble
  • muscle stiffness
  • decreased fitness levels, not being able to work out on a daily basis
  • increased risk of injury

The Mobility Challenge is one of over 30 programs in the Man Flow Yoga Members’ Area.

Learn More about the Members’ Area

What is unique about the Mobility Challenge?.

The workouts are unique from other workouts because of our inclusion of mobility tools, which increase mobility by activating dormant muscles, releasing muscle knots (addressing restricted muscle), and increasing the overall amount of muscle available to your body for exercise. (More info on these mobility tools in the “What all do I need” section below.)

Following the mobility portion of the workout, we use yoga postures and bodyweight exercises, which results in even more significant improvements in mobility, as well as strength. This even includes growth in muscle size!

What all do I need?

Mobility Tools

What makes this challenge unique is its utilization of mobility tools in conjunction with yoga and bodyweight exercise. Stretching alone is not enough to reap the benefits of mobility. Integrating mobility techniques that explore all aspects of mobility is a powerful combination to help you greatly improve your mobility in a shorter amount of time.

Many of the tools for the Mobility Challenge may already be lying around your home, but you can purchase all of the required tools for around $20 – $30. Don’t worry about using these tools once and forgetting about them – you’ll be using these things on a very regular basis once you know just how good they are for your body. Here are the mobility tools you’ll need:


Lacrosse ball – lacrosse balls can be purchased from your local sports store for about $3. Alternatively, you can use a rubber tennis ball-sized ball instead.


Foam Roller – the foam roller is useful for muscle activation and starting the process of loosening muscles to release muscle knots.


Strap – the strap is crucial for shoulder mobility exercises, creating pulling tension, and executing longer-held, deeper stretches. You can purchase a strap, or simply use a rope or belt you already have lying around.


Peanut / Medium Firm KnotOut – the peanut is a critical part of this program, and the brand that I recommend for this made by The KnotOut. If you are unwilling or unable to pay for a KnotOut, you can simply use athletic tape to bind two lacrosse balls together into a peanut shape.


Block – the block is used for certain muscle activation exercises, as well as a prop to raise the ground. A cork block is recommended, but you can also use a thick book or stack of books instead.

The Mobility Challenge is one of over 30 programs in the Man Flow Yoga Members’ Area.

Learn More about the Members’ Area


What if I miss a day?

We’ll give you one day off per week just in case something comes up and you’re unable to complete the mobility workout of the day.

If you have to, double on workouts the day before or the day afterwards if you know you only have 5 days available.

I've never done yoga before. Is this Challenge appropriate for me?

If you’ve been working out consistently (3 or more days per week), you should have no problems completing the workouts from the Challenge, even if you’ve never done yoga before.

If you have been inactive for a long time, this may be difficult, but is still accessible. You can always modify the workouts as needed. The important thing is to do your best every day. You’ll see results if you do this.

How long are the workouts?
The workouts average 30-40 minutes in length, but are as short as 20 minutes, and as long as 70 minutes – plenty of time for you to get an effective workout and to strengthen your body in new ways!
How is this different from The Mobility Project?
The Mobility Challenge is unique from The Mobility Project because it also includes daily emails in addition to a recommend workout schedule. The Mobility Challenge incorporates workouts from The Mobility Project in addition to other mobility-focused workouts found in the Man Flow Yoga Workout Library.
What if I don't complete the Mobility Challenge on time? Will I still have access to the workouts?
All users have 45 days to complete the Challenge. After this time, if you still need access, you can sign up for the Man Flow Yoga Members’ Area, or purchase the full library for the Mobility Challenge on the Mobility Challenge on Demand Channel.
Can I do this along with my existing workout program?
If you have time and endurance for it, absolutely! It just depends on how your body feels. Try it out for the first few days and then reassess whether or not you can keep your other training up in addition to The Mobility Challenge.

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