Introducing… the Man Flow Yoga Cork Yoga Mat Set!

the Man Flow Yoga Cork Yoga Mat SetThis is a high-performance mat designed to match the needs of a sweaty guy (or girl) doing yoga. This mat features a cork surface engineered to prevent slipping, so you can focus on doing your best in every pose – instead of worrying about losing your grip.

Traditional yoga mats use a surface that provides for a separation between the ground and the space you practice yoga on, but the material is usually cheap, doesn’t last long, and loses all of its grip as soon as you start to sweat on it. If you want a yoga mat that matches your aspirational fitness goals, you need something better.

Our cork yoga mat set is different. The cork surface of the mat minimizes slipping, so you won’t have to worry about your hands slowing sliding away from your feet in a plank or down-dog position, or your feet slowing drifting further away from one another in a wide-stance lung position like Warrior 2. Best of all, when you start to sweat, the cork material gets an even stronger grip.

Get The MFY Cork Yoga Mat & Gear Set!
  • Plank - Cushioned for pain free wrists!
  • Downward Dog- No more slipping!
  • Warrior Two- Plant your feet and keep them there
  • Downward Dog- No more slipping!
  • Warrior Two- Plant your feet and keep them there
  • Connector.

    The Man Flow Yoga Cork Mat

    The mat includes just enough cushion to comfortably rest your knees or tops of the feet on the mat, but not so much that is compromises your balance or hurts your wrist when your hands are planted. The mat also features a medium-sized 8×8” Man Flow Yoga logo at the top of the mat, so you can proudly display the Man Flow Yoga logo whenever and wherever you do yoga. These mats are sized at 24″ x 72”.

  • Connector.

    The Set

    The set comes up with a cork yoga block, a large white yoga towel, and a black yoga strap with twin D-rings, each featuring the Man Flow Yoga logo.

Note to international buyers:

Due to unreasonably high shipping costs, we do not offer international shipping. (We don’t want you to pay $60 just to have a yoga mat shipped to you!)

* Note: These mats are different from the Yoloha Yoga mats that we have promoted in the past. They are not as heavy as the Yoloha Yoga mats, and provide a bit more cushion. The cork material is different as well, but there is no noticeable difference between grip ability.

The cork yoga mat sets are regularly $119, but we are offering a special price of just $84.97 per set!

Get The MFY Cork Yoga Mat Set!