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The Strength Foundations Challenge.from Man Flow Yoga

A 6-Week, at-home workout program to build an extremely solid foundation of strength and mobility. 5 workouts per week, averaging 30 minutes per day. Daily emails to keep you motivated and consistent. Challenges start every Monday. Sign up by Sunday to join the next one!

Next Challenge starts July 22, 2024!

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What all goes into the Strength Foundations Challenge?

The Strength Foundations Challenge features at-home, follow-along video workouts that are perfect for beginners and people who aren’t flexible, and intense workouts that challenge you to grow stronger, and finish each workout feeling accomplished.

  • 30 total workouts (Averaging 30 minutes per day)
    • The Strength Foundations Course (our most popular program!)
    • Beyond Strength Foundations(just released!)
    • All of the videos in the challenge are closed captioned
  • Supplementary Workouts & Routines
  • Daily Emails for Accountability, Motivation, and Inspiration
  • Entry into the exclusive Man Flow Yoga Community
workouts that challenge you to grow stronger, and finish each workout feeling accomplished

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Strength Foundations Challenge

Who is this Challenge for?

  • Those Interested in Building Strength with Yoga or Bodyweight Exercise
  • People Who Want to Increase Mobility, Fix Muscular Imbalances, and Address Common Weaknesses
  • People Who Want to Get Rid of Pain, Discomfort, or Long-Lasting Injuries
  • Active People Looking for Yoga As a Complement: Weightlifters, Runners, Triathletes, Gym Goers, Martial Artists, Swimmers, & More
Strength Foundations Challenge

What is Strength Foundations?

  • Essential strength you need for any type of fitness
  • Building functional mobility and flexibility
  • Correcting muscular imbalances
  • Learning proper technique for foundational exercises for pain-free, effective fitness
  • Injury-prevention and restorative fitness to address pain, discomfort & long-lasting injury

How does it work?

Every Monday through Saturday, you’ll receive a motivational email to hold you accountable and give you your assigned workout for the day.

The workouts increase in difficulty as the challenge progresses. The routines are beginner-friendly, but are challenging and intense! Regardless of your fitness level, you’re getting the best bang for your buck when it comes to efficient, effective workouts.

You’ll access the challenge and the workouts through the MFY Members’ Area website, accessible on any device with a browser (including your phone, tablet, or smart TV) or using the Man Flow Yoga App (available on iOS, Android, Amazon FireTV, & soon-to-be Apple TV & Roku!).

Strength Foundations - 6 Week Challenge

BONUS Access to the MFY Members’ Area

The Members’ Area is where you’ll find all Man Flow Yoga content, including structured workout programs, a HUGE workout library, tutorials, and more.

  • 30+ Structured Workout Programs
  • 300+ Exclusive Workouts (filtered by length, skill level, target area, fitness focus, intensity, and more)
  • Mobile and OTT MFY App Access (available on iOS, Android, Amazon FireTV, & (soon-to-be) Apple TV & Roku!)
  • 100’s of Tutorial Videos (Poses, Non-Yoga Exercises, Weight Training & More)
  • Wellness Videos (Diet & Nutrition, Stress Management, Motivation, & More!)
Strength Foundations - 6 Week Challenge

Note: You will NOT be automatically enrolled at the end of the trial. However, you can easily enroll at any time to ensure uninterrupted access at the end of the Challenge!

You’ll also receive

Entry into the private Man Flow Yoga Community - Get motivated, ask questions, and share experiences. This community is normally reserved for Members of the MFY Members’ Area, but we’re opening it up to those who sign up for the Challenge. Supplementary & Recovery Workouts - including bonus yoga video routines you can use to get rid of soreness, night routines to wind down in the evening for better sleep, and quick morning routines to jumpstart your day with energy and a positive mood.

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Concerned about whether or not you can keep up?

I cannot emphasize this enough: this program was specifically designed to be beginner-friendly.

You don’t need to be flexible or have prior yoga experience to join. All you need is the desire to push yourself and do the best you can whenever you’re doing these workouts.

What all do you need? No Gym Necessary.

Here’s what we recommend you have available for these routines: (1) A mat or towel you can do yoga on, (2) a pair of cork yoga blocks, (3) Yoga strap. Weeks 3+ require Resistance Bands or Therabands.

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The Next Challenge Starts July 22, 2024!

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Challenge Pricing


Total Value: $109

20+ On-Demand Streaming Workouts

30+ On-Demand Streaming Workouts

Daily Accountability & Motivational Emails

Daily Accountability & Motivational Emails

Bonus Supplementary & Recovery Routines
Bonus Supplementary & Recovery Routines

7 Weeks Full Access to the MFY Members' Area ($59 Value)

7 Weeks Full Access to the MFY Members' Area ($59 Value)

Entry into the Exclusive MFY Community Facebook Group (Priceless!)
Entry into the Exclusive MFY Community Facebook Group (Priceless!)

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Is this beginner-friendly?
Yes! Our workouts and programs are created to be beginner-friendly, focusing on the proper technique, telling you what you should and shouldn’t feel, and helping you practice with confidence. We also provide modifications for people who are new or inflexible, to help you build up.
Will I be charged at the end of the trial??
NO!! If you don’t wish to become a member, simply do nothing and your membership will expire with the trial at the end of the Challenge, and no additional charges will be made. If you do wish to join, you can select a membership plan at any time, which will begin at the end of the Challenge.
Is this appropriate for somebody in their 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s?
YES! The majority of our customers are middle-aged men. They’re guys who are interested in their long-term health, who recognize the importance of mobility and building a solid foundation of fitness, and want to make a positive, lasting change on their physical fitness.
Is this for women, too?
Yes! About 10-15% of our customers are women, and the women who use Man Flow Yoga mostly enjoy it because of the no-nonsense, fitness-focused instruction.
Is there download access?
Yes! Offline Access is available via our Mobile apps on iOS & Android.
Does that include lifetime access to the program?
We’ve made this program available at a super low cost so this Challenge can be accessible to almost everyone, but the sign up cost only includes access for 7 weeks- 6 weeks for the challenge, one week to check up. If you really enjoy the program and you can join the Members’ Area and use it as long as you have a membership.

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