Did you know that yoga is perfect for building strength? Repetitive motion with weight is one method of developing strength but it’s not the only one out there and is certainly not the safest method for building strength.


More and more men are discovering Man Flow Yoga for strength. Through integrating yoga into a fitness program, you can reduce the risk of injury while enjoying all of the benefits associated with yoga, including the ability to build lean muscle and burn fat without having to use a single piece of equipment.


Yoga can address areas of your strength training that may be lacking in one way or another. The poses and exercises in yoga will mobilize your hamstrings, provide increase in mobility, improve your range of motion, greatly increase flexibility and much more. The fact is that yoga can be just as effective for strength training as weights. Depending on your goals, it can be used exclusively for strength training or can be integrated into your current or another workout program.


With resistance training, or repetitive motion, your muscles and bones have to be continuously overloaded in order to keep developing. You have to keep adding more resistance or weight to achieve the results you’re looking for. Not so with yoga. Strength that is developed from yoga is in a league all its own.


One of the best features of yoga is that it provides a great balance; it conditions your body to better perform all of the daily activities that life demands while improving your performance as well. Concentric contraction of the muscles means they will take on a more tramline appearance, elongated and sleek, while weight training gives a more bulky appearance. 


Man Flow Yoga is for strength training and much more. The Mobility Project package can help you get stronger, reduce joint pain and improve mobility with a total of 7 workouts that target specific muscle groups and areas of your body. The Program includes workouts that target the head and neck, upper torso, arms, lower torso, hips and lower legs. The Mobility Project is designed to help you dramatically increase your mobility through a unique combination of self-massage, bodyweight exercise and deep stretching. 


You’ll get access to the Man Flow Yoga Members Area when you sign up at ManFlowYoga.com. This is a resource that will provide you with all of the tools and information to gain the most benefit of a fitness-centric yoga practice. It includes the workout library that is constantly expanding as well as all of the other popular sections of the Members Area that will keep you engaged and excited about Man Flow Yoga.


Ready to get started in yoga for strength building? Start with a 10-day introductory program to Man Flow Yoga by going online to manflowyoga.com. The practical tutorials will give you immediate results in just 10 days, so you can decide for yourself if Man Flow Yoga is everything it claims to be. We think you’ll be more than satisfied with your results.



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