Man Flow Yoga Retreat, Roatan, Honduras, March 7 to March 13


We are going back to Roatan! This 6-day retreat is hosted at the Club Natale Bay Villas Resort in Roatan, Honduras from Monday, March 7 to Sunday, March 13, 2016. This is the most physically productive vacation that you will ever attend (again)! This is an opportunity for you to practice yoga while gazing into the clear blue waters of the Caribbean, to enjoy the activities of an all-inclusive seaside resort, to explore the beautiful island of Roatan, and to make friendships that will last long beyond the week that you spend in a tropical paradise.

This retreat fosters the development of your physical practice of yoga alongside Man Flow Yoga instructor, Dean Pohlman, who leads you through 2 daily yoga sessions; once in the morning, and again in the evening. Every day features non-yoga activities as well, such as a boating to a private island, a trip into West End, karaoke, live music, and more.

Club Natale Bay Villas Resort is a private executive resort located less than 10 minutes away from the airport. This secluded, seaside haven provides a relaxing escape away from the hustle and noise of city life. Enjoy the many fitness-oriented amenities that the resort has to offer, including water activities like snorkeling and kayaking, or land activities like volleyball and basketball – not to mention the best outdoor yoga space that you’ll probably ever get to practice yoga in (see below photo). For a more detailed description of Club Natale Bay Villas, please visit their website at https://www.clubnatalebayvillas.com/.


The Yoga

There will be a daily morning and daily evening yoga session. Some of these sessions are typical yoga classes in which you follow the instructor through a series of poses in a typical yoga workout. Other sessions are taught in a workshop style, in which there is more dialogue between the instructor and class participants, more instruction, and more demonstrations. All sessions are beginner-friendly, but also challenging for experienced yogis. Dean is available to help with any specific yoga questions that you may have outside of class. 



This is your vacation. Aside from the two daily yoga sessions, feel free to do what YOU want to do; relax and drink a margarita on the beach, take a swim in the ocean, snorkel the nearby channel, or kayak in the Caribbean (just to mention a few of the things you can do at Club Natale)! You are not required to attend any particular event, and there are plenty of options for activities.

We are also taking multiple day trips to venture out and explore the rest of the island, including a chartered boating trip to Pigeon Key (photos below), a day trip to West End, as well as a free day (with no planned group activity other than the morning and evening yoga sessions) to take advantage of the many opportunities that Roatan has to offer (golfing, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, and more)! Below is the schedule for a typical day.

IMG_1123 IMG_1193 IMG_1185

Photos from our chartered boat trip to Pigeon Key

Club Natale Bay Villas

The Club Natale Bay Villas was the site of the Inaugural Man Flow Yoga Flow Yoga Retreat in 2014, in which 18 participants from people all over the Western hemisphere came together and attended a week-long retreat. Most participants from the post-retreat surveys agree that the best parts of the retreat were the isolated-nature of the retreat and the group bonding experience.

Club Natale Bay Villas is a beautiful seaside haven located away from the busier sections of the island. Each condominium unit features ocean-view balconies, a fully furnished kitchen, private and shared bedrooms, and private and shared bathrooms.

Club natale laguna view

Click here to visit Club Natale Bay Villas’ website.

Click here to read more reviews from TripAdvisor.


The total cost of the retreat includes: Lodging in one of the 3 shared condominiums at the Club Natale Bay Villas, all planned meals at the resort, transportation to and from the airport, a day trip to a private island, two daily Man Flow Yoga sessions, a mid-week cleaning of the condominium, and all activities at the resort.

Full cost: $1300

Early bird special (deposit submitted by October 31st) – $1200

Deposit: $500

This price does NOT include the cost of airfare, additional meals or alcoholic beverages at the resorts, non-group activities (deep sea fishing, scuba diving, etc), non-group transportation, or meals outside of the resort.

Finding and purchasing the flight to Roatan is the responsibility of the participant. (But we will help you arrange the flight if you ask!)

In order to take advantage of the early-bird special, participants are required to submit their $500 deposit by October 31st. This cost will be increased to $1300 in November. A $500 deposit is required to save your spot, as space is extremely limited. 


Join us!

Payment Information

Submit your $500 deposit before the October 31st early bird deadline and the total cost of the trip remains $1200. After October 31st, the total cost of the trip increases to $1300.

If you are ready to make your deposit, please send an email to [email protected] stating your intention to participate in the retreat and that you you are ready to make your deposit, and you will receive a PayPal invoice for the amount of $500.00.

The remaining balance of $700 (or $800, depending on when you submit your deposit) is due on February 29th. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!

IMG_0930 IMG_0779

Frequently asked questions:

Can women attend?

Yes! This is NOT an all-male retreat. Men, women, and even youths can attend.

What does the cost of the trip include?

The cost of the trip includes six nights of lodging at Club Natale Bay Villas in one of three 3-bedroom condos, meals (breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner), transportation to and from the airport, and all group transportation.

Are there grocery stores or convenience stores?

There is a large grocery store located 15 minutes from the resort, very similar to a supermarket that you will find in the United States. On the day that you arrive, we will take a group trip to the nearby grocery store to purchase essentials and snacks. Keep in mind that all meals are included, but food outside of meals (including before morning yoga sessions) is not included.

What does the cost of the trip NOT include?
The cost of the trip does NOT include airfare, a $40 exit fee, spending money, food outside of the resort, nor non-group transportation.

When should we arrive?

You can arrive any time during the day on Monday, March 7. The first group activity begins at 4:00 PM.

Can I arrive early?

If you would like to arrive before Monday, March 7, you are free to do so as long as you find lodging on your own.

Which airport should we fly into?

You should fly into the Juan Manual Galvez International Airport (RTB).

How do we get from the airport to Club Natale?

Club Natale is providing shuttle service to and from the airport, which is located just 10 minutes away from the hotel.

What about customs?

You need a passport to enter the country, but Honduras does not require a visa for U.S. Citizens. There is no entry fee, but there is a $40 exit fee as you exit the country.

What is the rooming situation?

You are staying in one of three condos at the Club Natale Bay Villas. Each condo has 3 bedrooms. You are sharing your room with one other single guest or with your significant other. We can arrange your bedding situation according to your preference (single/double).

Is there Wi-FI?

There IS Wi-Fi in every condo, but the use of electronics is discouraged.

Do we have to do every yoga session?

Nope. It’s your vacation. You don’t have to attend anything you don’t want to.

What about dietary restrictions?

The Club Natale Bay Villas will attempt to accommodate your needs, please just make sure to let us know when you book the trip what your restrictions are.   Each condominium is also equipped with a full kitchen if you wish to prepare some meals or snacks on your own.    

What is the cancellation policy? Are there refunds?

Should you wish to cancel your reservation, you will be refunded the cost of the retreat minus the $500 deposit.

For any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact Dean Pohlman of Man Flow Yoga or Joseph Natale of Club Natale Venture Resorts. Dean can be reached by email at [email protected], and Joseph Natale at [email protected].   


See you in March!

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  1. Hi! I just discovered this retreat as I’m looking for a retreat vacation in Roatan in March. I know it is very late – but curious if there is any room? I’m a 40 year old woman, fun and spiritual and into yoga. Thanks!

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