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Get stronger with slow, controlled bodyweight exercise yoga designed to build lean muscle mass, increase overall strength, and even improve athleticism.
More range of motion for more power. More flexibility for faster recovery and increased performance.
Improve your body’s efficiency to get a better workout in less time, speed up your recovery time, and get back to your workouts sooner with less soreness.
Stay active and healthy with the right blend of body maintenance and strength training.
Improve your overall performance and feel great while doing it. Say goodbye to nagging knee or back pain during exercise.
Improve stability while balancing, and develop body control & awareness.

We give you the workouts, the information, and the motivation to get you fit. With just a little bit of effort, you can expect noticeable results in just a few days. Join us!

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What’s the story behind Man Flow Yoga?

Whats the story?

Hi, there, my name is Dean. I am the founder of Man Flow Yoga, and I founded Man Flow Yoga because as I wanted everyone to be able to experience the benefits of yoga. When I was an athlete…when I was growing up, I had tons of injuries. I’ve had knee issues, I’ve had ankle issues, I’ve had shoulder issues and I’ve even had knee surgery when I was sixteen. The more I learned about my body as I got older and I got more and more interested in fitness, I realized that most of these injuries could have been prevented if I just had the right exercises…I just had the right stretches. And it just so happens that all of the flexibility in the proper muscle engagement and the foundational movements that I needed to know to stay injury free were found in the physical practice of yoga. So one thing that I realized very early on was that I could not play if I was injured and like I mentioned I’ve had knee injuries, ankle injuries, shoulder injuries…I have a collection of casts for all the fingers that I’ve broken, and all these exercises that I’m showing you that I’ve learned through yoga have the power to prevent injury. It turns out that you don’t actually need to do that much in order to prevent injury. It just takes the right exercises, the right stretches, taking care of soft tissue and the will help you do what you want to do physically for long as you can. So if you’re training for a triathlon, or if you’re a weekend warrior and you like to go straight from the desk to a CrossFit box or a functional fitness gym or if you’re training for a marathon and you wanna make sure that despite all the miles that you’re running you stay injury free. These are the exercises, these are the programs that can help you do that…and again it doesn’t take long. It just takes a few minutes per day, it takes the right exercises, the right movements and taught in the right way so lots of what we do is focus on the proper technique because I found it so much about other yoga is focused on yoga as a holistic practice, which is fine but from me, my personal goals are on the physical fitness so that’s what I present. I want you to know when I’m teaching yoga I want you to know how exactly how to do the postures, what’s the proper technique. And I also wanted to know why you’re doing them so what is the benefit, what muscles are we targeting, why is this going to make you a better athlete, why does this make you more resistant to injury so in the process of learning these postures and working out you’re also going to learn a ton about your body as you follow these workouts, as you follow these workout programs.

Thanks for watching this video…again my name is Dean, this is Man Flow Yoga.

I started yoga as a collegiate lacrosse player. I had knee, ankle, and shoulder issues, and even though I thought I was ripped, my body was constantly in pain. I knew I had to make a change. One day, I accidentally wandered into a yoga studio, and life has been different ever since.

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What are Members saying?

Misha Pinkhasov – Lisbon, Portugal

Following Man Flow Yoga, I’ve seen faster, more satisfying and longer lasting results (and gotten more compliments on my appearance) than I did during 20 years at the gym, all while spending a lot less time, effort and money.

James Bruce – Birmingham, UK

James BruceA while ago I was looking for a workout that would make me stronger, more flexible and strengthen my core. With a few of Dean’s workouts I was able to work on all of those, and my balance improved too without using up all of my free time. My main sport of mud running immediately benefitted. I found an increased knowledge of my body helped me know when to push and when to rest – crucial to staying injury-free during races. My bedtime routine incorporates Dean’s advice on better sleep. Bonus tips on motivation and access to a keen yoga community helps with momentum and picking the next thing to focus on. I’m a convert to MFY!

Mike Minore – Provincetown, MA

Webcam training with Dean was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made regarding training. Since I’ve started working with Dean, I’ve gone from a 34” waist to a 30”. I’m more flexible in my lower-back, hamstrings, and can easily touch me toes. My shoulder have also become more flexible, and my rotator cuff injuries don’t bother me anymore. I also have much better posture, and I have the tools and the knowledge to give my body the stretches and movements it needs, even if I only have a couple of minutes.

Edgar Ramos – Dallas, Texas

I never thought I would follow video workouts but I got hooked after my results and how great the instructional techniques were. I travel a lot for work and races so it could not be more convenient. Soreness from my triathlon workouts vanished sooner than expected and I learned poses and movements to improve mobility. I’ve even gained muscle mass.

Ken Spitnale – Miamisburg, OH

Ken Spitnale - Miamisburg, OHAfter 17 years of weightlifting, one bodybuilding competition, and too many injuries to count, I had gotten to the point that my workouts were no longer enjoyable. Since starting yoga, I’ve felt more energized and less beat up, but I don’t feel like I’m losing any strength. I have noticed my body seems to be “craving” the yoga workouts more. This may sound crazy, but I find my mind more energized as well. Heck, I’ve even felt a little calmer lately in stressful situations! I couldn’t be happier with this switch!

Clark Lyda – Austin, Texas

Clark Lyda - Austin, TexasAs a 55 year old man with chronic back pain and degenerative osteoarthritis over the last 30 years, I approach any fitness program with caution and a fair amount of cynicism. Having said that, I’ve been following Dean’s program for over a year now, and I couldn’t be happier with the process or the results. Since I’ve began training with Dean, I feel significantly better, both mentally and physically, than I did when I started ManFlow. My flexibility, stamina, core strength, balance, and coordination are all dramatically improved, and most importantly my back feels better and less painful than it has in many years – all of which I attribute to Dean’s program. My body is now significantly more toned and fit – not only can I see and feel it, but many others including my massage therapist and physician have noted (without me prompting them) the positive changes in my body and attitude.

Richard Gricius – Chicago, IL

Richard Gricius - Chicago, ILA little over 5 years ago, at 280 pounds, I decided that I would change my relationship with food and start working out. But I hate exercise. And yoga… Well, I liked the idea of it, but could not stand the prevailing psuedo-religious culture. Or the music. Then I found Man Flow Yoga. Physical & Functional. AND NO GODS CURST BACKGROUND MUSIC. And here I am, 5 years, 80lbs lighter, and a harrowing cancer treatment/surgery later. Still doing Man Flow Yoga. Still Yelling at video-Dean during difficult poses. Man Flow Yoga keeps me flexible when lifting weights, limber when running, and helped me recover from surgery. Plus I actually enjoy it!

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