“I feel stronger, have better posture, sleep better”
“I’ve strengthened my core and eliminated back pain”

“Guess who feels better than
he has in years!”

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Get Stronger, More Flexible and Reduce Stiffness & Pain With a Man Flow Yoga Annual Membership For Just $149

Watch this special Father’s Day message from Dean

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Sunday, June 23


100% Money Back Guarantee

Over 185,000 success stories

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4.9/5 Stars From 1,027 Reviews on Trustpilot

Why THOUSANDS of Men LOVE Man Flow Yoga

Yoga Tailored To The Male Anatomy

Men and women have different body structures, muscle mass distribution, and flexibility needs. By using a program tailored to men, you ensure your exercises are more effective and produce better results.

Technique-Focused Approach

We guide you on when to tighten your core, what sensations to look for in different parts of your body, and precise placement of each body part during poses. This attention to detail helps you perform exercises correctly, ensuring you get the most out of each session and make steady progress.

Strength-Focused Yoga, Not Just Passive Stretching

Unlike passive stretches, our routines actively engage your muscles, boosting your strength and stability. You’ll move through dynamic poses that prepare your muscles for any activity, helping you get stronger and more flexible at the same time.

Workouts That Increase Strength Flexibility & Mobility

You’ll not only build muscle but increase your range of motion and ability to move with ease. This makes everyday activities, like lifting groceries or playing with your kids, much easier and more enjoyable. Plus, you’ll find it easier to maintain good posture.

Easy To Use With Workouts As Short As 10 Mins Per Day

You can get strong, flexible and mobile with simple 10-minute workouts. Easily fit these quick sessions into your busy day and consistently improve your fitness. If you want to go the extra mile we have longer sessions too.

Reduce Pain, Stiffness & Prevent Injury

You’ll experience less pain and stiffness with targeted exercises. Everything from tying your shoes to climbing stairs will become easier. And you’ll prevent common injuries so you can stay active and pain-free for longer.

Beginner & Advanced
Friendly With Modifications
For All Levels

We have workouts tailored to all fitness levels. There’s modifications for new and inflexible guys and advanced variations for experienced men. Whether you’re just starting or looking to push your limits, you’ll find exercises that challenge you appropriately.

Perfect To Go With Other Activities Like Running & Weight Lifting

You’ll notice an improvement in overall performance. You can enhance your running speed and weight lifting power or just make your weekend hikes that much easier. Our workouts support and improve your performance in other sports and activities.

6,900+ Community Of Men To Support & Inspire You

Share your progress, get motivated, and achieve your fitness goals with community encouragement. If you ever feel unmotivated or you’ve skipped workouts, we’re here to help you get back on track.

What Some of Our Community Say
About Man Flow Yoga

Here’s What You Get When You Join

Unlimited Access to the Man Flow Yoga App & Members’ Area

Enjoy unlimited access to 40+ programs, 500+ workouts, and hundreds of tutorials available on the Man Flow Yoga App and Members’ Area.

Achieve Your Specific Goals

Our programs are tailored to your goals, whether you want to build strength, increase flexibility, alleviate pain, improve posture, or complement other workouts.

Workouts for All Experience Levels and Schedules

We have workouts for all fitness levels and schedules, including short, effective sessions for busy days and longer, more challenging routines to build strength and flexibility.

Improve Your Technique with Detailed Tutorials

Access tutorials designed for beginners and those new to yoga, helping you learn proper technique, understand muscle engagement, and explore modifications and advanced variations.

Specialized Workouts for Specific Needs

Explore specialized workouts covering topics like yoga for bigger guys, back pain relief, morning routines, stress reduction, better sleep, and more.

Complementary Resources for Motivation and Accountability

Utilize resources that teach you how to stay motivated, develop accountability strategies, and seamlessly integrate Man Flow Yoga with your other workouts.

Non-Yoga Tutorials for Comprehensive Fitness

Learn about weight lifting, resistance bands, mobility tools like foam rollers and lacrosse balls, and physical therapy techniques for pain relief with our non-yoga tutorials.

Structured Programs with Built-In Accountability

Follow structured programs with detailed workout schedules and accountability features to keep you engaged and motivated throughout your fitness journey.

Daily Accountability Emails

Receive daily emails for all programs to help you stay on track, be consistent, and achieve your desired results.

90-Day Onboarding Program for Success

Begin with a 90-day onboarding program designed to help you establish a consistent exercise habit, overcome obstacles, and ensure your success.

Quarterly Community Challenges

Participate in quarterly community challenges, complete with daily emails, group workout programs, and the motivation and excitement of working out together.

Access to Expert Advice and Better Man Podcast

Gain access to insights from outside guest experts on men’s health, trusted yoga instructors, and enjoy ad-free episodes of the Better Man Podcast.

24/7 On-Demand Access Anytime, Anywhere

Watch and follow workouts and videos anytime, anywhere, with 24/7 on-demand access on any smart device.

Join the Exclusive Man Flow Yoga 6,900 Strong Community

Become part of the exclusive Man Flow Yoga Community on Facebook, joining over 6,900 members and growing daily for support and inspiration.


A Letter From Dean Pohlman, Founder of 
Man Flow Yoga.

Hey, Dean here.

As we get older, a bunch of new challenges pop up… 

We don’t have the strength we had in our 20s and 30s…

We become stiff as a plank and every movement feels like trying to bend steel rods.…

And we start feeling those achy joints – back, neck, shoulders, knees, and more.

A lot of men think this is just how it goes.

That it’s just part of getting older, right?

Well, no.

Because there’s actually something you can do about it.

And that’s where Man Flow Yoga comes in.

We’re a community of over 5,500+ men who won’t let our bodies break down as we age.

Instead, we’ve found a way to stay strong, flexible, and pain-free as we get older. 

Man Flow Yoga isn’t about chanting ohms and sitting cross-legged –  it’s about practical fitness that makes life better.

Our programs have workouts designed just for men.

These workouts target common issues like tight hips, stiff shoulders, and weak cores.

They build functional strength that make daily activities like lifting groceries, climbing stairs, and playing with our kids easier…

And the benefits don’t stop there.

We also put an emphasis on all aspects of our well-being – feeling less stressed, sleeping better, and having better mental health overall.

Man Flow Yoga is truly life-changing and 185,000 success stories proves that.

So, this Father’s Day, I want to invite you to join our community of men who are transforming their lives.

For a limited time only, you can sign up for annual membership for just $149.

This is a special deal when you consider monthly payments for the same period would cost $360 (savings of $210!)

So, you get huge savings…

AND you get stronger, more flexible, reduce pain (even eliminate it) and say NO to accepting your body breaking down with age.

Join us this Father’s Day and refuse to accept ‘old age’.

100% Satisfaction, Money Back Guarantee.

Cancel your membership at any time.

There’s ZERO risk involved with our money back guarantee. There’s only upsides to this Father’s Day Sale… 

Save Big And Become Strong, Flexible And Pain-Free.

Frequently Asked Questions

The offer is annual membership to Man Flow Yoga for just $149. My goal is to challenge you to commit to yoga, so I wanted to offer you a no-brainer deal.

Annual membership includes the following features:

  • Unlimited access to the Man Flow Yoga App & Members’ Area, with 40+ programs, 500+ workouts, and hundreds of tutorials.
  • Programs tailored to specific goals, like building strength, increasing flexibility, alleviating pain, improving posture, and more.
  • Workouts for all experience levels, with technique improvement tutorials and modifications for beginners and advanced variations for experienced guys. 
  • Short 10-minute sessions for busy schedules and longer ones to challenge your strength and flexibility.
  • 24/7 on-demand access to watch and follow workouts anytime, anywhere, on any smart device.
  • A 90-day onboarding program to help you establish consistent exercise habits, overcome roadblocks, and ensure your success.
  • Quarterly community challenges with group workout programs, daily emails, and community motivation.
  • Non-yoga tutorials on weight lifting, resistance bands, mobility tools, physical therapy techniques, and insights from guest experts on men’s health.
  • Resources for motivation and accountability, including structured workout programs, daily emails, and membership in the exclusive Man Flow Yoga Community on Facebook with over 6,900 members.

Yes, there’s a 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee. If you don’t feel stronger, more flexible and less pain after 30 days, I’ll give you a FULL refund.

While I can never guarantee results, I can say that we have over 185,000 success stories. If you put in the work and COMMIT, there’s no reason why you can’t get results, no matter what your age, how inflexible or achy you are, or if you have existing injuries.
No, and no! Our workouts and programs (especially our beginner ones) include modifications for inflexible people, so you can still get the benefit of the stretch – even if you’re not as flexible as a yoga master.
Man Flow Yoga is made with men in mind, but we’ve found that about 10-15% of our customers are women, and the reason they join is the same reason many men are joining – the workouts are effective, the instruction makes you feel like Dean is in the room with you, and the results are real.

There are currently over 270 workouts in the Man Flow Yoga Members’ Area, with 1-2 new workouts added every week. These workouts are exclusive to the Members’ Area – they are not available anywhere else.

If you do the workouts daily, you’ll notice a difference in your first week. If you do the workouts 2-3 times per week, you can expect results within your first 2 weeks.
Yes. You don’t need any yoga experience or fitness experience to participate.

Yes. We have multiple programs to specifically fix your back pain, including Bulletproof Your Back, and The Posture Fix, just to name some. Back pain is caused by hip tightness, core weakness, lack of spinal mobility, and lack of hip strength. Our workouts help with all of this.

Absolutely! Most of our workouts last from 25-35 minutes. This makes it easy for you to fit the workouts into your busy schedule. The entire range of our workouts is as short as 10 minutes to over 60 minutes in length.

Yes! In fact I would argue that there is nothing more appropriate for seniors. It’s low-impact, muscle-building, helps with mobility (which gets worse as you age), increases bone density, and improves sleep – all without breaking your body down, like traditional exercise. My grandpa is 81 and he’s doing it, and you can, too!

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