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Who is our Community made of up?

  • Guys who have "tried everything" and are ready for a sustainable program that comprehensively addresses your fitness.
  • Men interested in low-impact, joint-friendly fitness to feel, move, and look great.
  • Office workers and other people with sedentary lifestyles.
  • Men who want to address specific discomfort, pain, and injury.
  • Middle-aged and older guys who want longevity-focused fitness that improves flexibility, builds muscle, and increases strength.

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A unique, fitness-centric approach to yoga for men for inflexible beginners.

  • A unique blend of yoga, bodyweight exercise, and physical therapy to deliver superior results.
  • No flexibility, previous yoga experience, or fitness experience required.
  • No spirituality, no gongs. Just fitness.
  • Poses explained in plain English. Easily understand the proper technique.
  • Know what you and shouldn’t feel in your body for each posture.
  • Understand the benefits of each pose as that applies to everyday life.

Build functional strength, increase flexibility, and improve your overall wellness.

  • Highly effective workouts to make you stronger - without causing joint pain.
  • Build muscle, relieve stiffness, and improve the way you move & feel.
  • Increase flexibility to improve joint health & move more fluidly.
  • Improve muscle activation to get stronger & prevent injury.
  • Fix your posture to increase overall energy and confidence.

Address your specific fitness needs and goals.

  • Easily select a program based on your goals, get into a routine, and notice results.
  • Strengthen knees, low-back, neck, hips, shoulders and other problem areas.
  • Programs for office workers to improve posture & get rid of back pain, sciatica, and other sedentary issues.
  • Injury-prevention programs to strengthen joints and put a stop to recurring injuries.
  • Scheduled programs to complement weight training, swimming, cross training, running, endurance sports, and athletics.

Tools & resources to help you get into a routine and hold you accountable.

  • Structured workout programs that make it easy to follow a schedule.
  • Tips, trick, and motivation to help you start and stick with a routine.
  • A helpful community to help you stay engaged and involved.
  • Features to add workouts to your calendar, save your favorite routines, and more.

Anytime. Anywhere. Any device.

Access all content on your smartphone, tablet, computer, or smart TV.
  • Access all content on your smartphone, tablet, computer, or smart TV.
  • Exclusive videos with premium streaming to minimize load time and help you avoid buffering.
  • Offline access is also available for a small additional cost.

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What do we hear from our members?

How much they like the instruction

Emphasis on proper technique; knowing what you should and shouldn’t feel in each pose.

I love the way that Dean trains and explains the techniques. I'll be in the middle of something and he'll say, "make sure your knee is straight here," and sure enough, my knee will need to be straighter...I felt results almost immediately and feel amazing every morning after my Man Flow Yoga workout

Matt L, Age 50

I sought out a program that I could do without yelling at the TV or being overly frustrated that I wasn't getting the amount of instruction I wanted, and Dean's programs have done that for me. Now I do yoga a couple times a week.

Sean M.

I did yoga on and off for two years before finding Dean’s videos. He explained things so well; exactly how to get into a pose. Downdog had never actually been explained to me before Dean. After watching two YouTube videos I thought, ‘if the free videos are so good, I want to become a member.


Fitness-focused (not spiritual)

I like Dean's instruction better than other yoga. I have a degree in Kinesiology so I like that Dean talks about the muscles and understands the methods behind the movements. Plus, when I do yoga, I don’t want to sit around and do the spiritual stuff.


I used to hate yoga because I could never follow the instruction and they would always use these words I didn't know. (With MFY) I can actually follow the instruction. Dean would get to the point and it felt like an actual workout.

Leila F.

I went search for yoga flows on YouTube, but I wasn’t finding anything that really clicked with me. Then I saw Dean’s videos and said This is what I’m looking for! I.E. Bodyweight exercises to build muscle and strength. I became a member shortly after.

Eric K.

The Results

More strength and flexibility (when compared to traditional yoga), and noticeable results in your first few weeks - or sooner!

After 20 years of experience training for sports, strength, and many endurance events I thought I knew my body. Apparently I did not. Besides improving my looks, posture, flexibility and the way I move, I believe Man Flow Yoga is a performance and strength building game changer.

Ryan E.

I couldn't lift my left arm up without feeling extreme pain, much less do any push-ups, pull ups or any kind of weight lifting such as bench pressing...3 months later, I'm actually stronger than I've ever been, and finally making great progress with my weight lifting.

Firas A.

I really appreciate Dean's verbal cues during the workouts, which really helped me hone in on what are the muscle groups I should be focusing on and the right body positioning for each hold. MFY has helped increase my flexibility my balance and my core strength.

Derek W.

The relatability of Dean, the expert yoga instructor in all the videos.

In a studio, beginners like me don’t have a clue and don’t know the names of the poses. It feels like a closed club. As a beginner, I really like the non-spiritual aspect of MFY. I like meditation but, while I’m learning, I like to be focused on the workouts.

Jon C.

I like the way Dean teaches, it’s very to the point. Other instructors exaggerate the truth of fitness. MFY is real and people are able to fit it into their busy lives.


I found MFY on YouTube and liked the way Dean presented everything: very straightforward, not pretentious.


What do you get as a Member?

The Members’ Area gives you the programs, workouts, and tools for extraordinary results with yoga, in minimal time.

Learn the technique, understand the benefits, and practice with confidence. New workouts every week. 400+ videos.

24/7 Access on Any Device

Become part of our incredible community

Support & inspiration from guys just like you!
Get answers and learn from the experiences of our Members. Make posts to help with accountability and stick to a routine.

Want to meet some of our Members?

Our Members are everyday men (and women) with challenges similar to your own. They’re busy professionals, dads, or fitness-minded individuals with limited time, who want to make sure they’re making the best use of it to accomplish their fitness goals.
Tommy Didario - Lifestyle Expert, On-Air Contributor The Rachael Ray Show
I’ve taken many at-home yoga classes throughout my fitness journey, but never had a class feel better than Dean’s.

Tommy Didario

Lifestyle Expert, On-Air Contributor
The Rachael Ray Show

David Cotton - Runner, Retired USAF Brigadier General
After many years of injury from running, Man Flow Yoga is what keeps me going and allows me to continue doing what I love.

David Cottom

Endurance Runner,
Retired USAF Brigadier General

Gio Benitez - ABC News Correspondent, Good Morning America, World News Tonight, Nightline, and 20/20
His videos are incredibly easy to follow because he masterfully guides you through proper form and technique

Gio Benitez

ABC News, Good Morning America, World News Tonight, Nightline, & 20/20

Jake Sweeney - Jake’s House of Iron, University of Michigan Center 1977-1981
Dean Pohlman's Man Flow Yoga is a simple, safe, & fundamentally sound approach to teaching flexibility of all backgrounds.

Jake Sweeney

Jake’s House of Iron
University of Michigan Center 1980‑1983

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