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Designed specifically for Men 40+ of ALL fitness levels.

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We’ve Helped Over 151,240 Men Get Relief From Pain & Reclaim Their Freedom of Movement


Does any of this sound like you?

I have persistent and sometimes severe back pain that limits my mobility and stops me from doing things I enjoy. 

I often avoid exercise or other physically strenuous activities because I’m afraid of a flare up 

My chronic pain interferes with my work 

Sometimes I feel helpless when I’m “out of commission.”

I’m worried my pain is going to impact my quality of life now and in the future 

If you nodded or said “yes” to any of the above, then this 14 day Bulletproof Your Back program is 100% for you

Start Getting Relief Today.

Join the 14 day Bulletproof Your Back Challenge designed just for men!

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Next Challenge starts July 3, 2023!

Challenges start every Monday.

Sign up by Sunday to join the next one! 

Next Challenge starts July 3, 2023!

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You don’t have to
live in pain…

Back pain is one of the leading causes of disability in the United States.

It prevents us from truly enjoying time with our kids, lacing up for our favorite hobby or sport with the guys, or even simple things like working or (trying) to relax and watch tv.

And when pain impacts the quality of your life something has to be done.

Whether you’ve injured your back at work, playing a sport, or working out… 

The solutions tend to all look the same:

You can spend a lot of money and time to go to physical therapy or have a series of shots to quell the pain.

You can schedule risky surgery and still end up with back pain afterwards.

You can pop a few pills for temporary relief, but what’s the trade-off? According to the FDA it can increase the risk of heart attack & stroke, kidney failure, and gastro-intestinal bleeding.

None of which seem like good long-term solutions.

Luckily, those aren’t your only options.

The American College of Physicians recommends yoga as a first-line treatment for chronic low back pain.

But not just any yoga will work. Man Flow Yoga’s Bulletproof Your Back program is designed specifically for men of all levels of flexibility and fitness.

We include a combination of modified poses for mens physiology, bodyweight exercises & physical therapy.

Best of all, it’s joint friendly and low impact.

So it doesn’t matter if you have pre existing injuries or aches and pains.

This will not only be safe, but it will help you recover faster and prevent future injuries and discomfort.

And it’s not just your back that will thank you..

BENEFITS Your Whole Body
Will Enjoy

Ease or Eliminate Pain

If you suffer from acute or chronic back, spine, neck, or joint pain, Yoga is a non-invasive first line of defense proven to alleviate pain and improve movement.

Improved Flexibility & Mobility

Get rid of stiff joints and improve your range of motion. Yoga increases blood flow, warming up the muscles throughout your body helping you to feel loose and agile.

Build Real Strength

There is a misconception among men that Yoga is not a strength building exercise, but this is simply not true! Yoga builds muscle endurance and lean muscle mass by challenging your body from head to toe.

Reduce Stress

Stress reduction is a pillar of vitality. Significantly reduce your stress, anxiety, and overall mental well being by relieving tension and learning to build body awareness.

Enhance Sexual Performance

Improve performance and stamina by increasing blood flow, alleviating pain, improving mobility, and reducing stress.

More Energy & Better Sleep

Wake up refreshed and with more energy to conquer your day. Yoga reduces stress and anxiety leading to deeper sleep helping you to wake up feeling refreshed.

Longer Life

It’s no secret that movement is massively beneficial to your body, but Yoga has been shown to lower blood pressure, improve heart health, increase testosterone, and decrease inflammation (Prolonged inflammation is a precursor to heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, Crohns and more!)

81% OFF: This special discount available one time only.

So WHY DO WE HAVE Back Pain?

To get rid of back pain, we have to understand how back pain is caused in the first place.

Back pain is mainly a function of (1) hip strength, (2) hip mobility, (3) core strength, and (4) spinal mobility.

These factors are influenced by habits such as:

Work Habits (sitting at a desk, operating a machine, standing at a work table)

Daily Exercise Habits (Going for a daily walk, working out regularly, or spending your downtime on the couch)

Posture (how you sit, the position of your spine when you stand, how you look at your phone)

Leading Causes of Back Pain.

Desk Life:

Crammed into a cubicle and stuck in a chair for 8 hours a day, is it any wonder your back hurts?

Typical negative effects: Tight hamstrings, weak core, poor spinal mobility, bad posture, tight hips, weak hips


Your body was made to move. But what do you typically do in your free time?

Do you go for walks? Stretch out the kinks of sitting? Or do you sit more?

Typical negative effects: Muscle weakness, muscle tightness, lack of spinal mobility

Imbalanced Training:

Running, cycling, weight training, triathlons, and golf are all great ways to stay active. But what are you doing to supplement these activities? Are you doing the right complementary exercises to ensure you move and feel great?

Typical negative effects: Lack of hip mobility, lack of spinal mobility, lack of core strength, excessive muscle tightness

Our Lazy Society :

Our environment is structured for comfort. Seats are everywhere – at the office, the park, the waiting room, the bus, and even your car. But this convenience is killing our fitness and making us weak. Our body responds with aches and pains – even if you’re not doing anything! (Actually, it hurts exactly BECAUSE you’re not doing anything.)

Typical negative effects: Lack of hip mobility, lack of hip strength, lack of core strength, lack of spinal strength and mobility, tight hamstrings

Screen Life

Looking down at your phone while you’re in line. Craning your neck to get a closer look at the computer screen. Hunched over your laptop. These are all positions your spine HATES to be in, and you’d better believe that your spine is going to make that hatred known – usually in the form of back pain.

Typical negative effects: Lack of spinal mobility, lack of core strength

Bulletproof Your Back

The Bulletproof your Back is the ONLY 14 day challenge designed to help men relieve back and spine pain using low impact movements that address the ROOT cause of your pain. 

That means that even if you…

Can’t do full unrestricted workouts due to pain or stiffness

Have ZERO experience with yoga

Haven’t worked out in ages

Are really short for extra time

…this program was made for you.

…this program is a beginner-friendly, no-fluff, fitness-focused yoga program designed to give you all the benefits of physical therapy and exercise without the investment of time & money or risks of over the counter drugs

But what makes Man Flow Yoga unique is that every workout is built for the anatomy of a man.

What does this mean?

It means that we know that women have stronger cores & hips than men, but men have stronger upper bodies.

We also know that women are typically more flexible than men (so no super bendy stuff).

We have tailored every exercise and prompt to be mindful of how your anatomy responds to every movement. You’ll get instructions on what and how you should feel in each pose for the most effective workout

But wait – back problems aren’t all the same, right? How does this program account for my unique needs?

That’s true – not everyone has the same problem, but almost all back problems can be successfully addressed by one of two programs, based on a simple test that determines the type of movements that feel good for your body. 

This program begins with that test.

This test is based on a very simple, practical principle:

If it doesn’t hurt, do it. If it hurts, don’t do it.

When physical therapists look at back problems, there is a simple test that’s used to determine the types of exercises to be included in your program, based on what feels good for your spine.

Flexion VS Extension


forward folds, rounding, reaching your hands toward toes

If you prefer flexion, you’ll follow the flexion‑based program, which starts with flexion‑based exercises.


backbends, arching, reaching up and back

If you prefer extension, you’ll follow the extension‑based program, which starts with extension‑based exercises

Bulletproof Back Includes Exercises for BOTH.

These will be exercises and movements you can perform without any pain, and they will slowly progress to the full range of exercises you should be able to complete for a healthy spine.

What can I expect?

Give you total member access to the Man Flow Yoga ecosystem – [you’ll get the sneak peak at the FULL access our paid members have!]

Figure out what kinds of movement you can do without pain based on the test seen above. Our goal is to provide relief AND prevent injury.

I guide you through 14 days of workouts as short as 7 minutes to help you immediately get relief from stubborn back pain

It’s as easy as pressing PLAY!

Get access to the program on your smartphone, tablet, or tv where I’ll give you detailed guidance through every move, so you know where you should be ‘feeling it.’

When can I expect results?


No, seriously. These workouts help to immediately relieve the symptoms of back pain, so you’ll feel better right after completing the workouts (maybe even during them, too). Addressing the root cause takes a little longer, but you can expect to notice significant increases in your strength, mobility, and overall physical feeling by the end of your first month – as long as you’re sticking to the schedule.

81% OFF: This special discount available one time only.




Dean Pohlman is an E-RYT 200 certified yoga instructor and the founder of Man Flow Yoga. Dean is widely considered to be an authority on Yoga for Men. He has worked with physical therapists to create yoga programs for back health and spinal recovery. His workouts and programs have been used by professional and collegiate athletes, athletic trainers, and personal trainers; and have been recommended by physical therapists, doctors, chiropractors, and other medical professionals.  

Get Instant Access to Bulletproof Your
Back 14 day challenge!

Bulletproof Your Back is one of the many training programs available in the Man Flow Yoga Members’ Area. As part of your free trial you’ll have access to a huge library of workout, nutrition, & lifestyle videos.

Quick Program Summary

It’s Easy – Anybody can do these exercises. You don’t need any experience to participate. Modifications are provided for every fitness level.

Exercise in Confidence – You’ll understand proper technique. We explain what you should and should not be feeling in your body, and how each posture affects your fitness. You’ll be confident that you’re doing each pose correctly.

Complement Existing Programs – If you’re already working out on a regular basis, you can easily add these stretches & workouts to your existing program. This won’t just help you fix your back pain – it’ll improve your performance in what you’re already doing and help you hit new PRs.

No Gym Equipment – The only thing you need for this workout is your body and a few square feet and you’re all set!

Minimal Time Investment – The first week of workouts are just under 10 minutes in length, and eventually progress to an average of 20 minutes per workout.

81% OFF: This special discount available one time only.


Regular Price $49.97

The Bulletproof Your Back Program Guide:

A printable PDF guide including the entire schedule of workouts, descriptions and thumbnails of each workout, and advice on how to use the supplementary workouts with the program.

7-Minute Back Pain Relief:

A quick routine to immediately relieve back pain and help you get on with your day.

20-Minute Nighttime Routine:

A relaxing, deep stretch session to relieve tension in your spine, hips, back, and shoulders, to get you ready for the best night of sleep you’ve ever had.

40+ all-level programs (with new workouts added weekly)

Get access to supplemental programs for body specific workouts

A private community of over 3,719 members and GROWING.

Stay motivated with a community of men just like you who are using yoga to reach their fitness goals and eliminate aches & pains.

Daily accountability and feedback

Get daily email support to build and maintain confidence to help you stick with the program

Exclusive MFY App

Take your progress on-the-go with the MFY App so you can workout from anywhere on any device

NOTE: You will NOT be automatically enrolled at the end of the trial. However, you can easily enroll at any time to ensure uninterrupted access at the end of the Challenge!

81% OFF: This special discount available one time only.

“For over 6 months I had lower back pain (that would just not go away) due to an injury and computer related work. However, just 2 weeks into his ‘Bullet proof your back’ program – pretty much fixed things completely for me. 1 year later (i.e. now) I am able to hold a deep squat for 30-60 seconds, amongst many other things. Needless to say – I am very grateful.”

- Sabari

“The workouts are explained really well and they have made a big difference to my back pain and body strength. I also feel like my posture and strength have improved when I’m doing other workouts using weights.I wanted a yoga program that would strengthen my body and help with pain rather than doing all the affirmations and feeling grounded. This is the best yoga program”

- Matthew W.

“I came to the program for a herniated disc that was causing me severe sciatic pain and it cleaned it up in about a week! The targeted approach is also fantastic. It eliminates the guesswork and allows you to focus on exactly what your need is.Highly recommend!”

- Anthony G.

Let’s be honest…

Your back pain does A LOT more than just annoy you.

What could you accomplish when you are finally pain free?

How would your family benefit from a happier, healthier version of you?

What would it mean to your manhood to feel strong and capable again?

Escape the grip of chronic back, neck or sciatic nerve pain with our 14 day Bulletproof Your Back Challenge. Join thousands of other men who have been shocked by the quick and sustainable pain relief they’ve experienced. 

Start Getting Relief Today.

Join the 14 day Bulletproof Your Back Challenge designed just for men!

Regular Price $49.97

Next Challenge starts July 3, 2023!


The main benefits of yoga for men are strength building, increased flexibility, improved balance, and greater body awareness. It also helps with breathing, breathing awareness, and mindfulness.There are countless other proven benefits as well, including weight loss, improved sleep, improved posture, relief of back pain, relief of joint pain, recovery from back injury or surgery, injury-prevention, as well as the mental benefits of yoga such as stress relief, decreased anxiety, and being more calm. There are two resources in particular that do a good job of explaining the benefits of yoga for men, both by Dean Pohlman (yours truly):

And check out our men’s yoga blog to learn more.

Yes! Yoga has been proven to help you lose weight, and for multiple reasons.

  1. Yoga is exercise, and exercising on a regular basis helps you lose weight. Not just because of calories burned, but because exercising regularly causes you to think about your health more frequently, and to make healthier decisions.
  2. Yoga helps with stress relief and mindfulness, which can curb stress-eating or other unhealthy practices that lead to weight gain.
  3. Yoga – when practiced with an emphasis on strength – can help you build muscle, and this helps you burn more calories when you are at rest by increasing your basal metabolic rate. (Not all yoga helps to build muscle though, which is why Man Flow Yoga is extremely effective in this regard.)

That being said, everybody is different, and depending on your genetics, stress, and many other factors, results vary from person to person. It should also be noted that not all yoga for men is the same, but Man Flow Yoga has been proven to help you lose weight and build muscle through its strength-focused approach. For best weight loss results, a yoga workout program should be combined with (1) healthy eating (diet), (2) high-quality sleep (usually 8 hours per night), (3) consistent stress management, and (4) certain supplementary exercises, like cardio and strength training.

I can’t speak for all yoga workout programs, but Man Flow Yoga workouts with a 4 out of 5 level or higher have been proven to burn 700-800 calories in just one hour. This all depends on the amount of focus you put into the exercises. If you are doing the postures passively, you probably won’t burn 800 calories in one hour. But if you’re doing an intense workout actively and follow along witho the instructions, you will burn a high amount of calories – especially when compared to a typical yoga class. If you’re interested in whether or not yoga burns calories because you’re trying to lose weight, I encourage you to change your way of thinking. The amount of calories you burn during a workout doesn’t really matter in the overall scope of weight loss. That’s because you’re never going to outtrain a bad diet. And if you burn a lot of calories during your workout, your body is going to want to consume more calories to make up for those lost calories, and overeating and overindulging is where people really tend to gain weight. Exercise is not a punishment for what you ate. It’s a celebration of what your body can do.

Yes, all of our 350+ workouts have closed captions. This means everyone can follow along and enjoy the benefits of yoga for men. All our videos are easily accessible and offer clear instruction to help you get a great practice. If you’re looking to improve every area of your fitness and start a new healthy routine, then check out our courses!

You don’t have to do yoga every day in order to get the benefits, but you should do yoga at least 2-3 times per week, usually for 20-30 minutes per session at a minimum. Our recommendation is that you try to do 100 minutes of yoga per week, and you can space that out however you want. If you’re looking for a program with a schedule of workouts, including recommended frequency and how to fit it into your other programs, Man Flow Yoga has hundreds of at home workouts for men that are effective and safe. I’ve already written a comprehensive blog on this topic, and you can view it by clicking here: How often should you do yoga? (Blog)

For most people, yoga for fitness is enough to keep you fit. There are tons of physical benefits of yoga, but when combined with a healthy diet and good sleep, an effective, fitness-centric yoga program helps you build muscle, improve body balance, increase strength and flexibility, and improves your overall wellness. However, I do recommend adding pulling or rowing exercises in order to keep your shoulders healthy, or you could risk injury. If you are looking to build significantly more muscle mass or improve your performance for sports, you should also do sport-specific training and resistance training.

Yes! Yoga helps you build muscle, both directly and indirectly. Some poses in particular are more effective at building muscle than others, while other poses help to indirectly build muscle by improving flexibility, mobility, and decreasing recovery time. “Power yoga” is another popular form of yoga for building muscle, but it can only build muscle if you’re challenging yourself and reaching the point of fatigue. Our yoga for strength programs help you build muscle directly by increasing strength and endurance, but also indirectly by improving your muscle activation, increasing flexibility & mobility, correcting muscular imbalances, preventing injury, and facilitating faster recovery; and when combined with other muscle-building activities, such as weight training, bodyweight exercises, HIIT, sprinting, or other similar activities, can help you build even more muscle.

This is one of the biggest concerns from people who have not done yoga before, but it doesn’t have to be. Yoga helps you increase your flexibility; it doesn’t require you to be flexible. The problem is that most yoga classes are structured in a way that makes it impossible for people who aren’t flexible, and don’t have yoga experience – but Man Flow Yoga isn’t like that. Most yoga instructors or online based yoga classes don’t provide the modifications or appropriate postures for beginners who are not flexible. Man Flow Yoga, on the other hand, teaches you the modifications and postures for beginners you need to do the pose in a way that works for YOU, instead of somebody who is more flexible and more experienced. This way, you can get the same benefits as somebody more flexible. Man Flow Yoga has tons of beginner yoga workouts with gentle yoga stretches.

Yes! Yoga and weight training is a fantastic combination of exercise. Yoga for strength and flexibility will help your flexibility & mobility, increase strength in your stabilizing muscles, improve balance, and aid with recovery; while weight training helps you build more muscle mass and develop strength. Man Flow Yoga in particular also helps to develop improved muscle engagement (aka body awareness, mobility, motor control, etc), which allows you to increase your overall strength potential by increasing muscle fiber recruitment. The bottom line is that yoga and weight lifting help to build strength in different ways, but you will get better at both yoga and weight training if you include both activities in your weekly workout routines.

Nope! In fact, beginner yoga is a great form of exercise if you have excess weight, since traditional exercise may be too stressful on your joints when you are overweight. Yoga helps you establish a strong foundation of strength and mobility, and will also help you lose weight in the process – when combined with healthy eating (diet) and adequate sleep. However, I should caution that most types of yoga do not provide modifications for people who are overweight, and many of the postures that you do in a typical yoga class can be uncomfortable, ineffective, or downright painful. Man Flow Yoga provides modifications to help make the poses more accessible for people who are overweight. We even have yoga workouts for people who are overweight in our workout library, which you’ll find in our Members’ Area.

Stretching (passive stretching, as well as active stretching) is just one part of yoga. Yoga also involves (1) isometric exercises that build strength and mobility (poses/postures), (2) slow-moving, dynamic exercises that help build body awareness and control, (3) an emphasis on breathing to help you improve your body-mind connection, (4) balancing postures to help you develop your strength and improve balance, and (5) a much greater emphasis on proper technique. Stretching is casual – it’s something you can do while watching a TV show without too much focus. It helps you release muscle tension, lengthens muscles, and relieves joint pain – but it has no lasting effects. The benefits of stretching are mostly temporary. A good strength and mobility-focused yoga program – even one that is yoga for beginners – has much more long-lasting benefits. It improves your focus, increases flexibility and mobility, builds strength, improves balance, increases mindfulness, and much, much more. It involves much more focus – it is something you are completely involved in and demands 100% attention.

Man Flow Yoga is 100% fitness-focused. The yoga workouts and programs we make our designed to be as effective as possible in order to increase your functional fitness and improve your longevity. The workouts emphasize proper technique; what you should and should not be feeling in your body, proper alignment, modifications for people who are inflexible, and explain the benefits of each posture. Workouts are focused on helping you build muscle and increase your strength, in as little time as possible. (Most of our workouts are 25-30 minutes.) We also emphasize active mobility (instead of passive stretching) to help improve your functional range of motion. It’s easier for for people new to yoga and men (and women) who consider themselves inflexible, and provides yoga modifications to make the poses work for people who aren’t as flexible as a yoga instructor. Structured programs deliver specific results, to deal with specific issues such as back pain, posture improvement, performance for running, injury-prevention, and so on. To sum it up, Man Flow Yoga is fitness-centric, non-spiritual yoga created to help you achieve your fitness goals. Traditional yoga is a part-spiritual, part-fitness, and usually does not address specific fitness goals.

You’re not too old for yoga. When it comes to exercise, yoga is one of the most approachable, joint-friendly, beginner-friendly forms of fitness – when practiced safely with proper technique, and the appropriate modifications. If you’re older and starting a yoga program, keep in mind that you’ll typically be less flexible, have less muscular endurance, and less balancing ability than your younger peers. But don’t worry – Man Flow Yoga is appropriate for people who are in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond. We have hundreds of members in their 60s, and even people in their 70s and 80s. And, it’s exactly for the aforementioned reasons that older people SHOULD practice yoga. Building strength is essential for bone density. Flexibility is important for joint health and functional movement. Balance helps build strength and great for injury prevention. We’re even working on a Chair Yoga for Seniors DVD!

Typical workouts on manflowyoga.com last 20-35 minutes, but we have workouts of all lengths, from 10 minutes all the way up to 60 minutes or more. Most yoga workouts at a studio last 60 minutes, but we recognize that most people don’t have time for that, which is why our workouts average about 30 minutes. Most of our workouts incorporate yoga poses for beginners.

A home yoga practice is easy and requires minimal equipment. All you need is a yoga mat, a block, and a strap. If you don’t have a block or a strap, then you can use a stack of books and a belt or dog leash.

The best way to get started with Man Flow Yoga is to join our Members’ Area. From there, you can choose a yoga program based on your goals, follow a set schedule of workouts, and get noticeable results within your first month. We have a Launch Guide to help you get started, which includes choosing a structured yoga program featuring follow-along yoga videos for beginners, based on your fitness goals and experience. Once you join, you’ll get access to all of our structured workout programs, workouts, tutorials, pose guide videos, and entry into the exclusive Man Flow Yoga Community group on Facebook. Click here to learn more about the Man Flow Yoga Members’ Area.

Free yoga? Yes! We have a FREE 7-Day Intro Program that helps you learn postures, understand the benefits, and begin to integrate yoga into your daily life. We’re told that we have the best yoga videos for beginners on the internet. Click here to sign up for our FREE 7-Day Intro today (no credit card required!)

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