Legacy Membership

Hey! You’re a Founding Member of Man Flow Yoga. What does that mean?

Well, it means that you’re on slightly different payment system for your membership. This is a placeholder subscription, which is why you see the next charge scheduled for ~3 years in the future and why it’s for only $0.50. That price is only a placeholder. To Get your Subscription information, fill out the form below.
Get Subscription Information:
Use the form below to get your subscription information. It may take a bit as an actual person will be double-checking that everything is current and correct.
Cancel Membership
Use the form below Cancel your subscription. This will happen immediately. Your memembrship will end after your current paid period is up.
You can always contact [email protected] with any questions. We are happy to help. We will be moving all legacy members to the regular versions, eventually. Don’t worry, you’ll be getting an exclusive deal.
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