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What results can you expect with Man Flow Yoga?

Here are just a few success stories from our thousands of Members.

Tommy Didario

Lifestyle Expert, On-Air Contributor for The Rachael Ray Show

I’ve taken many at-home yoga classes throughout my fitness journey, but never had a class feel better than Dean’s. He gets what’s needed to fully engage the body in a way that makes yoga approachable. It’s the perfect thing to mix up heavy lifting with, and through his teachings, my body alignment AND awareness has greatly improved. Dean is the man and I’m excited to continue my yoga journey with him.

Tommy Didario - Lifestyle Expert, On-Air Contributor The Rachael Ray Show (Man Flow Yoga Success Story)

Jake Sweeney

Jake’s House of Iron, University of Michigan Center 1977‑1981

Man Flow Yoga is a simple, safe, & fundamentally sound approach to teaching flexibility of all backgrounds. About 3 years ago, I made a conscious decision to add more flexibility training to our programs here. When I first saw Man Flow Yoga, I was totally blown away. It has been the motivation for putting flexibility training into our own facility.

 Sweeney - Jake’s House of Iron, University of Michigan Center 1977-1981 (Man Flow Yoga Success Story)

Rob B.

Busy Dad

How Man Flow Yoga, and yoga in general, has helped me being a dad. You get a great workout in- you can make it quick, you can do 15 minutes, you can do 30 minutes, 45, an hour, whatever you want.

Rob - Busy Dad (Man Flow Yoga Success Story)

You can really start to get the sweat going and really start to notice a difference quickly in your body, and how your body looks, and how your clothes start fitting, and things like that.

I know the general mainstream exercise that people go and do, you don’t really get that as quick as you do with yoga. And not only that, just running around, I’m chasing after almost a three-year-old. Just being able to have that stamina to keep up. And when your three-year-old comes up to you and says, “Hey let’s play yoga,” you know you can drop into downward-facing dog, or you can do something fun with them and they have a blast.

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With the Man Flow Yoga workout, you get a great workout in. It’s quick, you can do anything -work on your hips, low back, shoulders, all those areas that we all tend to have problems with. If we’re sitting, or up and about and up and down and running around after kids, it’s great to be able to just have a little more body awareness as to what’s going on and what’s bothering you. And you know how you can correct it quickly and change, change the way you feel, and have fun at the same time. That’s the whole thing, you’re having a pretty good time. You can swear at Dean on videos, you can do whatever you’d like, but it’s it’s all about just getting the activity, and getting that movement, and bringing that awareness back into the body. I think that’s the biggest thing with Man Flow Yoga.

You don’t have to have the spirituality, and you can hang out and get a quick workout in and feel like you’ve accomplished something quick in the morning without having to leave your house and go to the gym and sit in traffic, and then fight traffic coming home. It’s the convenience of having everything online and just being able to get it done. I know for me with, you know obviously one dog here and two other dogs someplace else out here today, and an almost three-year-old, you know time is of the essence. You want to spend as much time as you can with your family but also take care of yourself as well.

So do yourself a favor give Man Flow Yoga a try for a week. You have nothing to lose you only have something to gain. And have fun with it.

Kevin L.

Soccer Player & Weight lifter

The workouts are incredible! So I’m a 26 years old and have almost always been in great shape – I workout regularly and play soccer often. However, I never had the mobility or flexibility that I wanted, and I knew how important it was.

Kevin - I had no idea that yoga would be this challenging or this important to overall fitness.(Man Flow Yoga Success Story)

I had quite a bit of lower back pain, knee pain, and just felt stiff a lot of the time. I started with your “quick learner” program for 3-4 weeks, then went into “Bulletproof your knees – 5 day” and did that for about 8 weeks straight, and now onto the mobility challenge.

Read More of Kevin's Story...

Honestly, after only a few weeks in I started to realize all of the muscles that I never really activated before (hips, glutes, abs). Its crazy, I started to actively think about using those muscles for even basic everyday movements. Plus, I have clearly been doing squats all wrong my entire life (its no wonder my knees were jacked up before). So after the quick learner and finishing the bulletproof knees, I felt a MASSIVE difference in my knees and my lower back. The pain in those areas seem to go away for the most part.

Overall, my entire body feels way better, more flexible, and more mobile. Although, I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface with yoga and where I can take my body. I think the best path moving forward for me is to do yoga 5-7 times a week, lift weights 3-4 days, and mix in some cardio when I can (running, soccer, ect).

I had no idea that yoga would be this challenging or this important to overall fitness. I really love what you are doing and the way that you represent yoga.

Gio Benitez

ABC News, Good Morning America, World News Tonight, Nightline, and 20/20

I’m so glad I found Dean Pohlman’s Man Flow Yoga. I wanted to do more yoga, but I also wanted to focus on mobility. This is the perfect blend of both. His videos are incredibly easy to follow because he masterfully guides you through proper form and technique. I feel like Superman after a 12-minute fixer upper! And when I was struggling with shoulder pain, he pointed me to a video specifically about improving shoulder mobility and eliminating pain.

Gio - ABC News, Good Morning America, World News Tonight, Nightline, & 20/20(Man Flow Yoga Success Story)

David C.

Retired General & Lifelong Runner

I’m David and a member of Man Flow Yoga. Man Flow Yoga has made the difference to me and it’s kept me on the trail to be able to run, which is what I like to do. After many years of injury, physical therapy got me back onto the trail but yoga is what keeps me there and gives me the extra strength, stability, and flexibility to maintain my running.

David - Retired General & Lifelong Runner (Man Flow Yoga Success Story)

In fact, it actually builds upon the physical therapy and continues that which the therapist helped me to understand of how to improve myself. These routines seem to be the trick, in fact I don’t even run unless I do one of Dean’s routines before I go.

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Recently I was able to complete the half marathon which I had not done in the past seven years.

It’s is now part of my daily routine and makes me feel generally better. In fact, in the process of after joining one of Dean’s challenges about six months ago, I lost 11 pounds and am now the basic general building weight that I was when I was in my thirties something that I didn’t expect since I’m going to be 58 later this month. I just finished a routine, so I need to go out and run, which is part of my routine. But before I do, I encourage your family and friends to sign for Man Flow Yoga. It’ll make a difference for you, too.

Matt Lewis

I’ve started and completed almost every exercise program out there, but Man Flow Yoga is the first program that I’ve consistently stayed with. It doesn’t get boring because there are so many different workouts and programs to do. I love the way that Dean trains and explains the techniques. I’ll be in the middle of something and he’ll say, “make sure your knee is straight here,” and sure enough, my knee will need to be straighter… You don’t have to be flexible (I’m not at all), you just have to try. I felt results almost immediately and feel amazing every morning after my Man Flow Yoga workout!

Matt Lewis, Age 50 - Seattle (Man Flow Yoga Success Story)

Ryan E.


I’m 38 years old and I’ve been part of the Man Flow Yoga community for about 18 months. A little bit about my past, I grew up playing baseball, basketball, golf, and swimming. I went to college and took up weightlifting. I lifted weights pretty extensively until the age of 30.

Ryan - Better than the gym; a game-changer. (Man Flow Yoga Success Story)

At 30 I started having more shoulder pains and knee pains, which I always had throughout lifting weights, and i took up endurance sports. Since taking up endurance sports I’ve done a couple Iron Man triathlons and a couple shorter distance triathlons I really fell in love with it, but what I noticed was I was starting to lose a lot of the strength I acquired through weight training.

I was looking for a program to supplement my endurance training because I still like to play golf, pick up basketball, and maybe a game of sand volleyball of the weekends. I was losing some of the strength that I felt I needed to perform where i wanted to in those sports. I didn’t want to go back to traditional weightlifting because of the aches and pains…so i thought I’d try yoga. What Man Flow Yoga has done for the way my body feels, and the way my body performs, was a game changer and is something I will probably continue to do until the day I die.

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From a functional strength standpoint, I honestly believe that, for me personally, Man Flow Yoga provides greater benefits than what I would find in a gym. In a gym I would find that I would not activate my glutes no matter how many squats or deadlifts, hence a lot of the knee pain. Through Man Flow Yoga I started growing a butt and my glutes were actually getting stronger.

From a functional standpoint for triathlons, I dont have alot of time to train so it’s important my workout routine is pretty versatile. For vertisility, Man Flow Yoga allows me to recover for triathlon, allows me to strengthen for some of the other activites, enough flexibility for golf and other stuff I’ll do, and it allows me to keep my workout times down to a minimum and get maximum benefits from a limited amount of time put in throughout the week because i have a family, wife and kids.

Man flow yoga has truly changed the way i look at fitness and the way i look at sports performance.

Firas A

I originally purchased a Man Flow Yoga membership to help with my back pain from degenerative disk disease that I’ve struggled with for 14 year. For the past 6 weeks i’ve been practicing Man Flow Yoga and learning how to better activate my core and other supporting muscles. Not only has my back pain dramatically reduced to the point where I don’t notice it anymore but I’ve noticed other benefits as well such as healthier pain free knees, better posture thanks to learning better shoulder and upper back activation. [and] My friends and family even commented that I looked taller!

Firas - Dealing with Back Pain (Man Flow Yoga Success Story)

Derek W..

Busy Foreign Service Offer

I’m a 35 year old foreign affairs professional and I’ve been using man flow yoga for the last two and a half years man flow yoga has made yoga a lot more accessible to me because I can take it on the go and I can work it in to my other workout routines which include running swimming and weightlifting

Derek- Busy Foreign Service Offer (Man Flow Yoga Success Story)

I really appreciate man flow yoga and Dean’s verbal cues during the workouts which really helped me hone in on what are the muscle groups that I should be focusing on and what are the right body positioning for each hold.MFY has helped increase my flexibility my balance and my core strength and I hope to keep using man flow yoga for many years to come.

Sean M.

Father, Surfer, US Navy Veteran

I am a father of a three-year-old and a one and a half year old little girl. I’m a United States Navy veteran and I do yoga. If you had asked me a year and a half ago there’s probably no way on earth that I would have uttered that entire statement. I’ve tried yoga in the past and every time have walked out at the end, frustrated and in pain.

Sean - Father, Surfer, US Navy Veteran (Man Flow Yoga Success Story)

I know I need to do yoga. I’ve done things in my life that have made me hurt and so I sought out a program that I could do without yelling at the TV or being overly frustrated that I wasn’t getting the amount of instruction that I wanted. Dean’s programs have done that for me.

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I do yoga now a couple times a week. I mix and match what programs I feel work the best for me. I’ve been doing it for a year and a half now, consistently for probably the last six months. My posture has improved. I don’t have knee pain like I used to. I don’t have to go the chiropractor nearly as often and my shoulder and just injuries don’t nag at me like they used to. My surfing has improved as well!

Just all in all, try the program. You got nothing to lose and trust me, stick it out, do what you’re told, listen, watch, and stick to it. You’ll get the benefits, I promise, because I have and I never thought I would.

Louis S.

I started doing yoga probably about almost two months ago. I was looking for something that was gonna provide me some strength building, particularly in parts of my body that have been laxed. Those results that I’ve seen so far, I’ve seen some major changes in my posture my ability to stay flexible throughout the day.

Louis (Man Flow Yoga Success Story)

The type of work that I do is kind of 50/50 between sedentary and doing a lot of walking. A couple of things that have occurred- I’ve had tendency to over train in the past and have suffered some injuries, and as a result I have I’m having some issues with bursitis and knee pain. One of the things that drew me to MFY was the fact that it allowed me to explore other ways to get a good significant workout and maintain my body weight.

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Since I’ve been doing Man Flow Yoga, I’ve also been starting to pay more attention to my eating again, and more apt to work out more regularly. I am back up to about five days a week and I’m excited about that. Day-to-day, I find myself throughout the day looking at other ways to add in yoga, from bending and squatting, or if I find that I’ve been sitting down too long, I’ll do some stretches that I’ve learned.

I’m almost 48 years old at this point so I’m starting to feel some of the aging process occur and I’m just looking forward to continuing. I’m actually enjoying myself working out again. Thanks for this opportunity!

Leila F.

Avid Rock Climber

I used to hate yoga because I could never follow the instruction, they always would use these words that I didn’t know what it means, so I didn’t know what they’re expecting me to do. And also, I would get bored with the yoga video and it didn’t feel like it work out to me.

Leila - Avid Rock Climber (Man Flow Yoga Success Story)

Once I came across Man Flow Yoga and tried it for the first time, I was amazed at how time felt like it passed by right quick and I could actually follow the instruction. Dean would get to the point, and it felt like an actual workout. So I did sign up for the annual membership and even after a few weeks of yoga, I could tell that I’m way more flexible.

I used to do bodybuilding before and then I started rock climbing 2 years ago, and I’ve never been good with stretching and with yoga. So flexibility hasn’t been really my strong point, and after doing only a few weeks or a month of yoga, I noticed the effects of yoga in my climbing. I could climb better because I was more flexible. I had better technique, and I could notice that I have better posture. I was more aware of my body and my core, especially when I’m standing.

Read More of Leila's Story...

I try to spend as much time as I can standing at home, I have a standing desk, and I can tell that I’m always using my core… and if I’m not using my core, I can tell! Also, I noticed that it’s helping me in my recovery. I can recover faster. If I have any aches and pains, after doing yoga I feel much better. Overall, yoga through Man Flow Yoga is helping me with my goals to climb better, recover faster and, also, I can just squeeze in a quick workout if I don’t have time. Sometimes I don’t have time to go to the gym, or I don’t have time to go climbing, so I just try to find a quick workout at 40 minutes.

That’s a good thing about the Man Flow website- there are quick but hard workouts on the website. So thank you, Dean, for all the hard work and for the amazing job and good videos.

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