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Guyoga: Beginners Yoga for Men

The best home workout program for men to learn yoga.

Joint-friendly, no-impact fitness. No chanting. No gongs. No flexibility required.

  • Build strength
  • Increase flexibility
  • Improve balance
  • Get rid of aches & pains
  • Feel, move, and look your best.

 Build strength

 Increase flexibility

 Improve balance

 Get rid of aches & pains

 Feel, move, and look your best.

Who is Guyoga for?

  • Guys with low-back pain, knee pain, neck pain, or other joint problems
  • Men in their 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond
  • Men who used to work out regularly, and have “lost a step”.
  • Guys for whom “life got in the way” when it came to fitness.
  • Busy dads with work and family obligations, who can’t spend hours at the gym.
  • Guys interested in the physical side of yoga, but not the spiritual stuff.
  • Men who have done yoga at a studio, but didn’t like it.
Drew-A-Guyoga-MFY-Edition Michael-C-Guyoga-MFY-Edition

Most yoga doesn’t work for men.

If done properly, yoga can be an incredibly effective form of fitness. It’s convenient and easy to do at home, and requires no equipment.

But most yoga doesn’t work well for fitness‑minded guys, mainly for 3 reasons:

  • It’s too spiritual.
  • It’s made mainly for women.
  • It’s not an effective workout.


How’s Man Flow Yoga Guyoga different?


This is functional yoga, based on exercise science, combining the most effective yoga postures with bodyweight exercises to create a yoga workout system – without the spiritual stuff.

GuyogaMFY - Anatomy Based Instruction

Men are different from women

Men and women have different bodies, and different fitness goals.

  Women Men
Flexibility Naturally more flexible (especially in the hips) Tighter hips, tighter shoulders, not as flexible
Center of gravity Focused in the hips and core Centered more in the chest and shoulders
Guyoga: Man Flow Yoga edition - Men are different from women

Guyoga helps address these differences by:

  • Anticipating common mistakes made by guys
  • Providing modifications so you can get the same benefits as somebody more flexible
  • Keeping it fitness-focused (the emotional/spiritual stuff can be practiced elsewhere).

More effective workouts

Typical yoga workouts last an hour. Ours are ~30 minutes, and get better results.

Guyoga: Man Flow Yoga edition - More Effective Workouts

Guyoga focuses entirely on the fitness aspects, to make sure you are:

  1. Doing the postures correctly, for maximum benefits and avoiding injury
  2. Holding the postures long enough to build muscle and increase flexibility
  3. Understanding what you should and shouldn’t feel in your body.

Tens of thousands already helped!

Guyoga has already helped tens of thousands of people get stronger with yoga.

Check out the reviews for yourself!

How long until I see results?!

You’ll notice a difference within the first few weeks. Not months.

You can expect:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Decreased joint pain in back, neck, knees, shoulders, and joints
  • Improved energy levels throughout the day
  • Building and toning muscle
  • Improved posture throughout the day
Jesse L - Before And After

Other benefits of the Guyoga yoga program include:

 Belly fat loss

 Reduced sciatica pain

 Increased muscle

 Improved range of motion

 weight loss

 Improved core strength

And more!

Other benefits of the Guyoga yoga program include:

  • Belly fat loss
  • Reduced sciatica pain
  • Improved range of motion
  • weight loss
  • Improvements in overall physical feeling
  • Increased muscle
  • Improved core strength
  • And More!

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The Man Flow Yoga Guyoga Program:

What all do you receive?

The 4 Main Workouts

Yoga SharpenA 28 minute workout to build strongfoundations.

Yoga StrengthBuild strength & increase flexibility with this 35-minute workout.

Yoga Sweat30-minutes, but fun to follow; time flies by!

Yoga Stretch20-minutes to wind down, relieve stress, and improve sleep.

Get Started Today

The Man Flow Yoga Guyoga DVD, including:

  • 4 Main Workouts:
    Sharpen, Strength, Sweat, & Stretch
  • Two 10-Minute Yoga Routines
    Back Pain Relief & Morning Energy
  • Two Tutorials
    Forward Folds & Chair Pose
  • Bonus Behind the Scenes Videos
Guyoga DVD

Online Access, including all of the above and…

  • Bonus 10-Minute Yoga Routines
    Better Sleep & Core Strength
  • Bonus Tutorials
    Cobra Pose & Strong Backbends
  • 3 Man Flow Yoga Workout Library Selections
  • Technical Support
  • Training Tools
    Schedule, Progress Tracker, & Beginner’s Guide
  • Access to the private Man Flow Yoga Community
The Guyoga Online Training Portal Streaming-Access to all the Workouts

Get Access to Guyoga INSTANTLY.

Buy the DVD, And get Online Access today.

Guyoga is one of the many training programs available in the Man Flow Yoga Members’ Area.

Member’s already have streaming access, so if you’re a member and want download access to the Guyoga, Log-in and go to Guyoga!

Members have access to a huge library of workout, nutrition, & lifestyle videos.
Get instant, unlimited access to Guyoga, all other workouts, programs, tutorials, and more for just $1 with the 7-Day Trial.



Is this just for men?
Nope! It’s equally accessible to women. In fact, about 15-20% of our customers are women who enjoy our no-fluff, fitness-centric approach to yoga.
Are there any recurring payments?
No! This is a one-time purchase for the DVD AND lifetime access to the online program.
Do I need any equipment?
You will need a yoga mat, 2 yoga blocks, and a strap. Nothing else! (If you want to, in place of a block, you can use a stack of books, and instead of a strap, you can use a belt or a dog leash.)
How long are the workouts?
The workouts are between 20 and 35 minutes. Yoga Stretch is the shortest routine, at 29 minutes; Yoga Strength is 35 minutes, Yoga Sharpen is 28 minutes, and Yoga Sweat is 30 minutes.
Will this help with back pain?
Yes! The instruction you’ll find in MFY Guyoga specifically helps you relieve back pain, address the root causes of back pain, and avoid common errors (found in other yoga classes) that can make back pain worse.
Is this appropriate for Seniors?
Yes! This is a great way to build muscle, improve bone density, and prevent injury without messing up your joints. If you can walk around on your own, you can probably manage the Guyoga program.
I'm already a Member. Is Man Flow Yoga Guyoga included in the MFY Members' Area?
Yes! If you are already a Member of the MFY Members’ Area, you do not need to purchase this program. You’ll find it in the “Workout Programs” section.
How is this different from your other DVD programs?
Man Flow Yoga Guyoga is available exclusively on manflowyoga.com. It is a totally refilmed and updated version of the Yoga Boost DVD found on Amazon, as well as the previous Guyoga Program found on manflowyoga.com.
I purchased the older version of Guyoga. Do I have access to this?
This is an entirely new program, so if you purchased an older version of Guyoga, you will not have access to this new version. However, it is FREE for a limited time, so hopefully it won’t set you back much!
What's the best time of day to do each workout?
MFY Guyoga comes with a scheduling tool called the “Guyoga Road Map” which gives you the best times to practice each workout or routine. There are workouts that are appropriate for morning, afternoon, evening, and before bed.
Is download access available?
Yes! Just make sure to choose the “Elite” Guyoga level when you purchase. You can also upgrade later, but you’ll get it for a lower price if you upgrade when you buy.
Is this program ideal for beginners who haven't done any yoga before?
Yes! Man Flow Yoga Guyoga was created specifically for guys who have never done yoga before, who want to learn the proper technique, improve their yoga practice, and get results.
I haven't worked out consistently in a long time. Can I do this?
Yes! You don’t need any fitness experience or any specific fitness level to do these workouts. You can push yourself as much or as little as you’d like.
Is there closed captioning?
Yes! All of the content on this DVD include closed captioning.
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