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What if I told you that 99.9% of all running injuries were preventable?

Maybe you already knew that. Okay – what if I told you that all running injuries were preventable with just a few minutes of exercise per day?

Would you believe me?


If you’ve been a runner for a while now, you’ve probably seen your fair share of injuries.

Here’s a list of some of the most common ones:

 Shin splints
 SI joint pain
 IT band pain
 Lower-back pain
 Runner’s Knee
 Achilles Tendonitis
 Plantar fasciitis
 Stress fractures
Yoga for Runners - forward fold pose

Iim sure you can think of a few more, but let’s focus on those ones for now. Almost all running injuries (including those ones above) can be traced back to one of three things:

  1. Muscular imbalances
  2. Muscular tightness
  3. Overtraining

Yoga for runners - Reclined-Quad-StretchThat may seem like a lot, but these issues are all preventable with the right exercises. And it won’t take you hours and hours. Done the right way, you can address the root causes of these issues in just a few minutes per day. That’s what I want to share with you below. I want to give you the right exercises, the info, and the tools you need to avoid injury. Best of all, I’m giving you this information and these videos for free. Keep reading.

Obviously, being injured sucks. It means you can’t run. So you wait a few weeks or a couple of months, and once your injury heals and you get back to running again. Only now you try even harder, because you’re making up for lost time. Soon enough that injury starts flaring up again, or maybe another part of your body starts to get angry. So what’s going on here?

The problem is you’re not addressing the root causes of your body’s problems. They might go away if you keep your running shoes off long enough, but as soon as you lace up and get back to the trail those issues will resurface. You need to go to the direct source. You need to:

  1. Address your muscular imbalances with the right strengthening exercises
  2. Reduce muscle tightness by improving your mobility and taking time to stretch
  3. Prevent overtraining by incorporating more restorative work in your routine, adding variety with lower-impact fitness modalities, and using the proper cool-down and warm-up exercises

You might not realize this, but everything I’ve just mentioned is solvable with the right yoga postures. Notice that I say the right yoga postures. You can’t just show up to a studio once per week and expect all of your running problems to go away. You need a program that’s specifically geared toward runners. That’s what I want to show you.

I created a [free] 7-Day Beginner’s Yoga for Runners Program to give runners the exact exercises they need to improve their running performance, prevent common running injuries, and feel much better while they run – nothing more, nothing less.

You don’t even need an email address to get started. Just click the link below and check out the 1st lesson, absolutely free, no strings attached. Lesson #1 is the best stretches for after a run, and you can begin immediately using these to help prevent injury from muscle tightness and overtraining.

Head to Day 1

You might be skeptical.

What’s a yogi know about running?
How is chanting going to make me a better runner?

Let me say that, #1, this is not your typical yoga, and, #2, that I’m not your typical yoga instructor.

Man Flow Yoga is fitness-centric yoga. All of the postures and instruction you need to get the most out of a fitness performance-focused yoga program, and none of the traditional spiritual frills you’d associate with going to a yoga studio. (Which, if that’s your thing, is great – but if it’s not, then may be my approach will work better for you.)

And… I’m not your typical yoga instructor. I’ve been an athlete my entire life, playing lacrosse all through high school, college, and the international level. I still play now, thanks to yoga. I’ve also experienced all of the injuries that I mention at the top of this blog. (Knee surgery, a high ankle sprain, lower-back pain while running, shin splints, just to name a few.)

Take 10 minutes – give this stuff a chance. You’ll run faster, prevent injury, and feel better in just a few minutes per day. The [free] 7-Day Beginner’s Yoga for Runners Program gives you the right exercises, walks you through every step of proper technique, and tells you what each posture does for your body. It’s a physical and an educational lesson. You’re not just treating yourself – you’re learning HOW and WHY as well.

Here’s what you’ll get from the FREE 7-Day Beginner’s Yoga for Runners Program:

  1. 5 Best Post-Run Stretches for Runners
  2. 5 Best Pre-Run Postures for Runners
  3. 5 Best Postures to Correct Muscular Imbalances in Runners
  4. Beginner’s Yoga for Runners 20-Minute Workout
  5. And more…

Lessons are just about 10 minutes long. You can view them at any time, on any device. And of course, it’s free. Join me for my 7-Day Beginners Yoga for Runners Program today, and I can guarantee that you’ll see a noticeable difference in your stride in just a few weeks. Click below to start lesson 1! (No email address required.)

Check out Day 1

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