Beginner’s Yoga for Runners – The End

Welcome to Day #8, your bonus (and final) day of the Beginner’s Yoga for Runners Program!

Today, I’ll be showing you several workouts from the Man Flow Yoga Ultimate Runners Performance Program, a yoga workout program I created specifically for runners to help improve their performance as runners to (1) decrease your risk of injury, (2) improve your speed and times, and (3) improve your overall feeling as you run, for less aches and pains, and faster recovery.

The full program is 8 Weeks long and includes standalone Yoga days and Workouts for before and after running. And that’s only Level 1.

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Not Convinced? Listen to David’s Story…

Ret. General & Lifelong Runner's Man Flow Yoga Success Story

MFY has made the difference for me and it’s kept me on the trail to be able to run. After many years of injury, physical therapy got me back on the trail, but yoga is what keeps me there, giving me the extra strength, stability, and flexibility to maintain my running. Dean’s routines seem to be the trick, in fact I don’t even run unless I do one of Dean’s routines before I go. Recently I was able to complete a half-marathon, which I had not done in the past 7 years. It is now part of my daily routine. It makes me feel generally better. After joining one of Dean’s challenges 6 months ago, I’ve lost 11 pounds, and am now the basic general build and weight that I was in my 30s – something I didn’t expect, since I’m going to be 58 next month!

Yoga for Runners Poses

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