Caldera + Lab & Man Flow Yoga

Caldera + Lab & Man Flow Yoga

I teamed up with Caldera Lab to put together These videos about longevity and Yoga. Get 20% off of The Good all-purpose serum from Caldera Lab – something I personally use every night!

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How To Live Longer (7 Yoga Poses To Increase Your Longevity)

Looking for the best yoga poses to help with longevity and live longer? Here are my 7, including the proper technique, tutorials, and combined into a 15-minute workout.

These poses focus on building strength and mobility to prevent common injuries that can lead to surgery, maintain bone density, and do so with minimal strain on the joints.


7 Best Yoga Poses To Keep You Young and Slow Down The Aging Process

This tutorial / follow-along video guides you through 7 postures to help slow down the aging process. These poses were chosen based on their emphasis on breathing, improving overall balance, and helping to avoid preventable injuries and chronic pain.

These poses are full-body in focus, and help with strength, mobility, and balance. Feel free to integrate these postures into a daily routine!


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