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Yoga for Injury Prevention and Rehab Path
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Hey guys, it’s Dean welcome to Man Flow Yoga. In this video I’m going to talk about yoga for injury prevention and Rehab, and so this is one of the paths we have at Man Flow Yoga specifically to help people with injury and to help with rehabilitation from injury, and the reason why we have this is because yoga can be really good for preventing injury and also coming back from injuries. If you’ve had a hip replacement, if you’ve had back surgery, if you’ve had you know maybe you fractured a vertebrae, maybe you had knee issues or ankle issues and yoga can be very good for helping with coming back from these injuries and with preventing injuries like this from happening in the first place, but only if it structured a specific way.

So if you were to go to a general yoga class, just a general one-size-fit-all yoga class, you might actually end up hurting yourself or making the issue worse, and so what you need to do is find a structured workout program, structured yoga program that specifically addresses the issue that you’re dealing with.

So for example if you have a lower back issue, if you’re trying to recover from, maybe you strained your lower back maybe you have chronic back pain from being in the office, a general yoga class might help, but it also could exacerbate that issue…and that’s a problem that a lot of people don’t realize exists. People think that yoga is really good for injury prevention or coming back from injury or preventing back pain but if it’s not the right exercises and it’s not sequenced appropriately, and it isn’t appropriate for your flexibility level, and your fitness experience, than it actually could make the issue worse.

So this path at Man Flow Yoga, our injury prevention and Rehab path, helps you with preventing injury and also rehabilitating from injury with the proper exercises, with the proper workouts to make sure that you are addressing that issue and making it better instead of potentially making it worse with a one-size-fits-all program.

And we’ve helped tons of people do that the. The best program we have at least that fits this category is our Bulletproof Your Back program. We’ve had tons of people come through this program I get emails every week from people who say Dean, I did your Bulletproof Your Back program and you know within two weeks or three weeks my back has almost no pain, or no pain at all…and this is typical, but if you were to go to a normal yoga class and do this I can’t say that you would experience the same benefit because again, you need to be following a yoga workout that is specifically addressed toward your issue and it can’t be a one-size-fit-all class.

So check out the rest of the success stories we have on this page for people who are going through this path and check out my recommended summary of programming to get an idea of the workouts that I would have you doing, if you came into the members’ area and followed along this path.

So hope you learned something from this video. I look forward to welcoming you to the members area soon and thanks again for watching.

Are you concerned about injury caused by exercise? Do you have recurring shoulder or back problems that just don’t seem to go away? Are you recovering from a surgery or an injury, and want to make sure you choose an exercise that is safe and effective for you?

Yoga can be very effective for helping to prevent injury and recover from it, but only if you do it in a certain way. In fact, general yoga classes can make the issue even worse. With Man Flow Yoga’s plan for you, you’ll focus on building strength, mobility, and balance that translates into greater injury-prevention, more functional strength, and day-to-day fitness. All of the movements you need for healthy, pain-free, functional living – nothing more, nothing less.

You may identify with the following:Common Characteristics:
  • Back problems, knee problems, shoulder issues, or other recurring issues.
  • Chronic pain or recurring injuries, and are looking to yoga as a solution to these issues.
  • History of knee, back or ankle injuries and/or surgery.
  • Repeated attempts to incorporate pain-free, physical fitness training into your life.
  • Have been frustrated with fitness in the past, not sure how to proceed.
  • Mixed levels of motivation.
  • Desire to learn how to prevent sports injuries, workplace injuries and the like.
Common Challenges:Common Challenges:
  • Pain is an issue.
  • Day to day movement is complicated.
  • Fear of injury; aversion to physical activity as a result.
  • Maybe you don’t like physical therapy or other workout programs.
  • Motivation could be an issue; or having a lack of plan to follow.
  • May have been unsuccessful with workout programs in the past.
  • Re-establishes foundational levels of strength and mobility to ensure pain-free day-to-day movement.
  • Address the root causes of back pain, knee pain, and shoulder pain / discomfort by strengthening and improving mobility of tight, inactive muscles.
  • Create the habit of moving more!
  • Establish a solid foundational level of functional fitness that prepares you for more intense or more difficult exercises.

Summary of Programming
Program 1 – Choose a Focus Area

Back – Bulletproof Your Back

bulletproof your back
  • This is a program I developed with physical therapists to relieve back pain and address the root causes of it.
  • Low impact, foundational exercises to prevent injury in your entire body, and help you recover from past injuries or surgeries.
  • Build strength and mobility in your hips, core, and back, to relieve back pain and start feeling better in just weeks – or as little as a few days.
  • Starting at 10 minutes per day, building up to 20-30 minutes per day. At least 3, but recommend 6x per week. 3-5 month program.

Knees – Bulletproof Your Knees

Bulletproof Your Knees
  • The goal of this program is to strengthen and prevent injury in your knees by addressing all aspects of strength and mobility that contribute to knee health, including hip mobility, hip strength, core strength, ankle strength, ankle mobility, and balance.
  • This program cycles through 5 main workouts, and also includes an optional recovery day for knee pain relief. You can use this as often as necessary.
  • Complete the workouts in order, and make sure to complete at least 3 days per week. Repeat each workout a total of 8-12 times.

Shoulders – The Posture Fix

The Posture Fix
  • This is a program designed to improve your posture, strengthen your body, and address many of the underlying causes of shoulder pain.
  • There are 2 daily workouts, 5 days per week to get your body moving more, increase energy levels and improve mood, strengthen your posture, and improve your confidence – in just about 30 minutes per day.
  • Build balance on a regular basis, and work deeper into your mobility at the same time. You can expect to be practicing yoga at an intermediate level 2-3 months into the program.

Program 2 – The Strength Foundations Course

Man Flow Yoga Strength Foundations Course
  • This is a program that helps you address the common weaknesses that lead to injury in the first place. It is a total-body program to strengthen your back, knees, hips, shoulders, and even your ankles.
  • Build functional strength and mobility in your entire body, and learn the foundational yoga postures while you’re at it. These workouts are slightly more challenging than Bulletproof Your Back.
  • Complete 3-6 workouts per week, 3 phases, 2-4 months.

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Supplementary Content

Using the filters, what kinds of workouts should you search for? (We try to update these paths and programs as often as we can, but we release new workouts every week, which means that all of the relevant workouts won’t be listed here for you.)

  • Mobility, Balance, and Restorative
    • Mobility & balance workouts to continue to improve your active mobility and continue to realize the benefits of the yoga workouts you’ll be following over the last few months.
    • Restorative workouts to speed up recovery, build muscle more quickly, and keep your body feeling fresh.

Here are some workouts to specifically help you:

  • Desk Worker Relief
  • Neck Tension Relief
  • The Scott – Gentle Spinal Recovery
  • Yoga for the SI Joint
  • Knee Pain Relief
  • Full Body Essentials
  • Spine Essentials
  • Movement Essentials
Desk Worker Relief

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