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Hey guys, my name is Dean welcome to Man Flow Yoga and welcome to the low-impact exercise for functional strength path from Man Flow Yoga. Now that was a mouthful but I want to explain what I mean by that.

So for me yoga has always been about the fitness. I’ve been to hundreds of yoga classes in person and while I enjoyed the postures and the exercises that we were doing, the spiritual side of yoga never quite hit home with me. For me it was always about the fitness and what I really liked about yoga was that the exercises, I realized, could form a fantastic foundation of physical fitness. So that was a lot of alliteration there but what I realized was that this could form a really solid foundation of physical fitness, in terms of building strength, body weight control, flexibility, balance, mobility all these things that you need in order to do anything fitness wise, whether that’s running, weight lifting, or playing sports and that I also wasn’t getting from a lot of my other workouts.

So this aspect of slow controlled movement and so this is for people who are interested in building or maintaining muscle mass, for people who are interested in the most efficient most effective workout they can get from yoga, and what we’ve done is also taken the best yoga postures are the most effective yoga postures, and added in some bodyweight exercises as well…so we’re not limiting ourselves to yoga.

We are limiting ourselves to low-impact or no impact exercise, but we aren’t limiting ourselves to specific yoga postures because ultimately you’re here because you want to get results, not because you have to practice you know yoga specific way. So this is a great option people who want to get the best results they possibly can with yoga, who want to build a solid foundation of fitness, to enable you to do what you physically want to do during the day, to do it without pain and feel great otherwise.

So check out the success stories we have for this particular path, check out our recommended programming, our summary of recommended programming below here and then investigate the rest of the page if you want to learn a bit more about this, but I hope to welcome you to the Man Flow Yoga members’ area soon.

Thanks for watching this video and I’ll see you later.

Have you been training hard for years and years, but are ready for a form of exercise that isn’t as tough on your joints? You’re concerned with maintaining the physique you’ve worked hard for, but you also recognize that your body needs more mobility and recovery work than you’ve given it.

Congratulations, you fit perfectly into the Low Impact Exercise for Strength path, and we’ve got the workouts you need to keep your muscle mass, but also start to work on your mobility, relieve the constant soreness in your muscles and joints, and get you back to moving and feeling great.

If you’re here, you probably recognize that your exercise routine needs more mobility, functional training and recovery work than you’ve done in the past, and you’re looking for a program you can trust to deliver results.

You Are: Common Characteristics:
  • Experienced with high-intensity exercise, like weights, HIIT, or bootcamp style workouts
  • Former lifter transitioning to bodyweight exercise and looking for something more gentle on your joints
  • Are ready to lower the amount of high-intensity workouts you do, but still want to maintain muscle and strength
  • Do CrossFit, weight training, or other resistance-training / HIIT-focused workouts and are looking for a more balanced approach to training
  • Recognize your body has had enough of your current workout routine, and need to pump the breaks and allow your body to recover, to correct muscular imbalances, and address mobility issues.
  • Experienced with fitness
  • High level of motivation to workout (maybe too high)
  • Feel the need to do intense workouts regularly (or they’ll feel guilty for not pushing themselves)
  • Have discounted low impact exercise in the past and maintained a high-intensity exercise routine despite discomfort and physical exhaustion.
  • Very motivated to have a strong physique and high level of overall strength
  • Do not do enough restorative routines, stretching, or flexibility-focused workouts
  • Do not concentrate enough on mobility, balance, or maintenance-focused fitness
Common Challenges How MFY Helps:
  • Too much weight lifting, and now you need to do something less stressful
  • Excessive soreness after a workout
  • Joint pain during exercise
  • Overtraining / overtaxing the body
  • No longer exercising as intensely, but concerned about maintaining strength
  • Over-dependence on foam rolling, massages, or other myofascial work
  • General feeling of burnout
  • The workouts allow you to maintain and even build strength, while decreasing overall stress levels
  • The exercises correct imbalances and poor movement patterns caused by imbalanced or repetitive training, and allows you to return to what you enjoy doing without pain or excessive soreness.
  • The programs are designed to improve your mobility as well as your muscle activation and awareness.
  • We teach you how to slow the movements down to help you discover and correct existing poor movement patterns.

Summary of Programming

Program 1 – The Burnout Recovery Program

Burnout Recovery Program
  • Work on your mobility, spend time on recovery routines, and focus on building strength in new ways.
  • During this time, you’ll also allow your muscles and joints to fully recover as you put aside the more intense workouts to focus on flexibility and (mostly) static yoga postures.
  • 30-40 minute low impact workouts, 4-5 days per week, 4-6 weeks total program duration

Program 2 – The Strength Foundations Course

Man Flow Yoga Strength Foundations Course
  • Make your movements as efficient and effective as possible. Correct muscular imbalances, improve your mobility, and greatly increase muscle activation.
  • More strength, a better workout in less time, and improved fitness for all of your fitness endeavors.
  • 30-40 minute workouts low impact, 3-6 workouts per week, 1-4 months

Program 3 – Choose an Option Below

The Clark: Fitness for Functional Strength, Mobility & Overall Wellbeing
Option 1

The Clark: Fitness for Functional Strength, Mobility & Overall Wellbeing

  • Short, effective 30-minute workouts focused on your hips, core, and spine to give you simple, effective yoga exercises for strength and mobility.
  • ~30 minute low impact workouts, 3-6x per week, repeat as long as you’d like

Yoga Beast 2.0
Option 2

Yoga Beast 2.0

  • My most challenging program! Intense, strength-focused yoga workouts to build muscle, improve mobility, and take your fitness to the next level.
  • ~50 minutes per workout, 3-6 workouts per week, 2-4 months

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Supplementary Content

5 Additional Workouts I Highly Recommend For You:

  • Yoga Flow for Strength & Muscle Burn (40 minutes)
  • Muscle Building Isometrics for Glutes, Hips, Thighs, & Core (25 minutes)
  • Hips & Twists (58 minutes)
  • Counter Strike for Inactivity (40 minutes)
  • Upper Body Burn (51 minutes)
Counter Strike for Inactivity

Aside from programs, you’ll want to focus on the following types of workouts (use workout search filters):

  • Strength – especially important if you are not doing weights anymore, you’ll want to focus on maintaining your strength.
  • Mobility – Address your neglected mobility but get stronger at the same time.
  • Restorative – Did you know that for every minute you spend working out, you should also spend one minute doing recovery? Start doing this more.
  • Balance – Something you’re probably not doing in your other workouts, but an exercise that will help you get much stronger.
  • Overall – Work on everything. These are balanced workouts that cover strength, mobility, flexibility, balance, and maybe even a bit of recovery.
  • Self-Myofascial Release – Help to uncover restricted muscle tissue, undo knots, and improve your flexibility.

When to do these workouts:

  • You can do restorative workouts at the opposite time of day of your more intense workouts. (So if you lift weights in the morning, you can do a restorative yoga workout that night.)
  • Give yourself at least 6-8 hours between workouts if you plan on “doubling” up. Don’t follow up a difficult strength-focused yoga session with a weight lifting session, unless it’s a limited weight training session and you’re using the yoga as a warm-up.

What other workouts / types of exercises should you be doing?

  • Whatever other workouts you enjoy. Just make sure you’re giving yourself adequate rest between workouts, and be wary of overtraining symptoms.
  • Make sure you are doing some pulling exercises (rows, pull-ups, etc) in addition to the yoga workouts you are following. These can be found in the Exercises, Tutorials, & More section.

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