Yoga for Athletes - High Lunge

Yoga for athletes is specifically designed to complement your other workouts such as weight lifting, running, boot camping, rock climbing, sports, or crossfit. Not every type of yoga fits the needs and demands of the fitness-focused. Some types of yoga can actually do more harm than good.

If you’re an active fitness enthusiast already working out regularly, but looking for a type of yoga to help you get better at what you’re already doing, then you fit into the Yoga for Athletes path. You’re most likely already pretty strong, but you want to get stronger, and you’re looking for a fitness-focused, results-driven type of yoga to help you get there.

You Are: You most likely identify as:
  • Overall, you are in excellent or pretty good shape
  • You have built up your strength and endurance, and are able to workout regularly
  • You aren’t doing workouts focused on mobility, balance, and recovery
  • You're interested in using yoga to improve your performance in the activities and sports you already enjoy and practice regularly.
  • Endurance athlete
  • Weight-lifter
  • Runner
  • CrossFit or functional fitness
  • Rock climber
  • Sports athlete
Common Challenges How MFY Helps:
  • Lack of flexibility & mobility.
  • Not enough recovery work - feeling sore often, exhausted, sometimes dreading your next workout
  • Discomfort or pain during exercise (knee, shoulder, back)
  • Excessive soreness in certain areas after your workouts - usually caused by muscular imbalances or poor movement patterns
  • Noticing that certain movements are not as easy as they used to be or you are avoiding certain movements
  • Addresses imbalances that lead to injury
  • Improves flexibility, range of motion, and overall mobility
  • Decreases risk of injury from over-training
  • Reduces overall soreness through improved flexibility and more focus on restorative training

Summary of Programming

Program 1 - The Strength Foundations Course
Man Flow Yoga Strength Foundations Course
  • Identify muscular imbalances, improve movement patterns, and increase mobility - Not to mention much more!
  • 30-40 minute workouts, 3-6 workouts per week, 1-4 months
Program 2 - Yoga Strength for Resistance Training
Yoga Strength for Resistance Training
  • Builds off of the Strength Foundations Course.
  • Continue to focus on yoga for strength and build muscle that will benefit your other workouts and day-to-day fitness.
  • ~30 minutes per workout, 3-5 workouts per week, 2-4 months
Program 3 - Choose an option Below
Yoga Strength for Resistance Training (intermediate)
Option 1

Yoga Strength For Resistance Training (Intermediate)

  • Continue where program #2 left off.
  • More challenging workouts and more advanced postures to build more strength and more mobility.
  • ~40 minutes per workout, 2-4 workouts per week, 2-4 months
Flexibility, Mobility & Joint Health for Inflexible People
Option 2

Flexibility, Mobility & Joint Health for Inflexible People

  • Ramp up the intensity of your other workouts and use this program to focus on your mobility.
  • You’ll continue to get stronger while also gaining more energy to focus on your non-yoga workouts.
  • ~35 minutes per workout, 3-5 workouts per week, 2-4 months

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Supplementary Content

What specific workouts should you focus on in the Workout Library?

I recommend restorative yoga for days after your more intense workouts (yoga or otherwise), and yoga workouts the day before or after normal training days. (If you’re in the Workout Library, use the search filters to find workouts focused on "mobility", "balance", and "restorative".)

My [current] top 5 workouts for this type of person:

  • Intense, All-Purpose, Full Body Dynamic Warm‑Up
  • Total Body Release
  • Maximize Your Lower-Body Potential
  • Full Body Yoga for Strong Shoulders
  • Ankle Strength, Stability, & Balance
Total Body Release

What other workouts / types of exercises should this person be doing?

  • In addition to your yoga programming, I recommend doing at least 2 strength training workouts and two 20-minute cardio workouts every week.
  • Whatever you are doing, make sure that you are also incorporating pulling exercises into your workout routine at least 2x per week. You can use the Poses, Tutorials, and More section in the Members’ Area to learn how to implement pulling exercises into your training schedule.

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