Bulletproof Your Back!

The no-nonsense, yoga for fitness program to cure your back pain in just a few minutes per day.

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  • Strengthen your spine and core.
  • Enjoy pain-free, day-to-day movement.
  • Get rid of chronic back pain.
  • Tone muscle in your abs, back, hips, glutes, upper-body, and thighs.
  • Avoid costly, debilitating surgery.

Who is this for?

Office Workers / Sedentary People
People that spend much of their time sitting, and as a result have consistent back pain. This is a result of inactivity and the negative effects of sitting, which can be corrected with consistent movement and corrective postures.
My Doctor Said Do Yoga
This is for the people whose doctors have recommended they start doing yoga, either in an effort to avoid surgery or as part of the recovery process. These people need yoga specifically focused on strengthening the spine, that moves at an appropriate pace. (One-size fits all yoga classes at a studio probably won’t work well for you.)
Chronic Pain
You’ve had back pain for years now, and it just won’t go away. Maybe you’ve tried other exercise programs, but the pain was unbearable. Or you haven’t tried any yet, and you’re ready to give it a shot. Follow the schedule, do the workouts, and you can say goodbye to your back pain.
Active People / Fitness Enthusiasts
Those that work out on a regular basis, whether that’s weight training, golf, running, or martial arts, but have nagging back pain. This is a result of muscular imbalances, which can be corrected with the right exercises completed on a consistent basis.

Before you read on, here’s the most important thing you need to know about back pain:

99.9% of back pain can be solved by the appropriate exercise. Very few of us actually have spinal issues that require surgery. The question is whether or not you want to make your health and your physical longevity a priority, to put in the minimal time and effort it requires to strengthen your body and get rid of your back pain for good.

You may have already guessed it, but this program is not for everyone. If you’re looking for a magical pill that instantly solves back pain, this isn’t it. Short of death, there is no such pill. But if you’re willing to be consistent with this program, to squeeze in a few minutes of exercise into your schedule on a regular basis, then I can almost guarantee you results.
(And if you don’t, I’m happy to grant you a 100% refund.)

Does this program sound like it’s for you?Good. Let’s start with the beginning – the back pain itself.

What causes back pain?

Know the causeTo understand how to relieve and get rid of back pain, we have to understand how back pain is caused in the first place. Back pain is mainly a function of (1) hip strength, (2) hip mobility, (3) core strength, and (4) spinal mobility.

These factors are influenced by habits such as:

  • Work Habits (sitting at a desk, operating a machine, standing at a work table)
  • Daily Exercise Habits (Going for a daily walk, working out regularly, or spending your downtime on the couch)
  • Posture (how you sit, the position of your spine when you stand, how you look at your phone)

Looking at the factors involved, I’m sure you can understand why so many of us have back pain. Here are a few typical causes:

    Know the cause

     Desk Life: Crammed into a cubicle and stuck in a chair for 8 hours a day, is it any wonder your back hurts?

  •   Typical negative effects: Tight hamstrings, weak core, poor spinal mobility, bad posture, tight hips, weak hips
    Know the cause

    Inactivity: Your body was made to move. But what do you typically do in your free time? Do you go for walks? Stretch out the kinks of sitting? Or do you sit more?

  •   Typical negative effects: Muscle weakness, muscle tightness, lack of spinal mobility
    Know the cause

     Imbalanced Training: Running, cycling, weight training, triathlons, and golf are all great ways to stay active. But what are you doing to supplement these activities? Are you doing the right complementary exercises to ensure you move and feel great?

  •   Typical negative effects: Lack of hip mobility, lack of spinal mobility, lack of core strength, excessive muscle tightness
    Know the cause

     Our Lazy Society : Our environment is structured for comfort. Seats are everywhere – at the office, the park, the waiting room, the bus, and even your car. But this convenience is killing our fitness and making us weak. Our body responds with aches and pains – even if you’re not doing anything! (Actually, it hurts exactly BECAUSE you’re not doing anything.)

  •   Typical negative effects: Lack of hip mobility, lack of hip strength, lack of core strength, lack of spinal strength and mobility, tight hamstrings
    Know the cause

     Screen Life: Looking down at your phone while you’re in line. Craning your neck to get a closer look at the computer screen. Hunched over your laptop. These are all positions your spine HATES to be in, and you’d better believe that your spine is going to make that hatred known – usually in the form of back pain.

  •   Typical negative effects: Lack of spinal mobility, lack of core strength

The solution is fairly simple:
An exercise program that solves the back pain at the source.

The Bulletproof Your Back Program is a fitness-centric, results-oriented yoga program to help (1) immediately relieve back pain, (2) treat back pain at the source, and (3) teach you about your body and the causes of back pain in the process.

  • EasyAnybody can do these exercises. You don’t need any yoga or exercise experience to participate. Modifications are provided for every fitness level.
  • Exercise in Confidence – Understand the proper technique, what you should and should not be feeling in your body, and how each posture affects your fitness. You’ll be confident that you’re doing each pose correctly.
  • Complement Existing Programs – If you’re already working out on a regular basis, you can easily add these yoga workouts to your existing program, to not just fix your back pain, but also to improve your performance in what you’re already doing.
  • No Gym Equipment – The only thing you need for this workout is your body, a yoga mat, a strap, and a block. No gym memberships, weights, or heavy-duty equipment required. All you need is a few square feet and you’re all set!
  • Minimal Time Investment – The first week of workouts are just under 10 minutes in length, and eventually progress to an average of 20 minutes per workout.

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But wait – back problems aren’t all the same, right?So how does this program account for my unique needs?

That’s true – not everyone has the same problem, but almost all back problems can be successfully addressed by one of two programs, based on a simple test that determines the type of movements that feel good for your body. This program begins with that test.

This test is based on a very simple, practical principle:

If it doesn’t hurt, do it. If it hurts, don’t do it.

When physical therapists look at back problems, there is a simple test that’s used to determine the types of exercises to be included in your program, based on what feels good for your spine.

Flexion VS Extension


forward folds, rounding,
reaching your hands toward toes

If you prefer flexion, you’ll follow the flexion‑based program, which starts with flexion‑based exercises.


backbends, arching,
reaching up and back

If you prefer extension, you’ll follow the extension‑based program, which starts with extension‑based exercises

These will be exercises and movements you can perform without any pain, and they will slowly progress to the full range of exercises you should be able to complete for a healthy spine.

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The Program

The Bulletproof Your Back Program is more than just a series of workouts.

The program is based on a detailed schedule of workouts, so you’ll know exactly what workout you should be doing each day of the week, from Phase 1, Day 1 all the way up to Phase 4, Day 6.

4 phases

Strengthen your spine in one phase before moving on to the next. Whenever the workouts start getting too easy, it’ll be time to advance to the next level.

12-weeks of scheduled workouts (minimum)

A structured 3-month plan, an exact schedule of daily workouts to take you from chronic back pain to a pain-free spine in a few weeks.

Average 20 minutes (or less) per day

No need to devote an hour to your workouts. You’ll start and finish your workouts in the time it takes you to drive to the gym and back!

The program also includes:

  •  The Bulletproof Your Back Program Guide: A printable PDF guide including the entire schedule of workouts, descriptions and thumbnails of each workout, and advice on how to use the supplementary workouts with the program.
  •  7-Minute Back Pain Relief: A quick routine to immediately relieve back pain and help you get on with your day.
  •  20-Minute Nighttime Routine: A relaxing, deep stretch session to relieve tension in your spine, hips, back, and shoulders, to get you ready for the best night of sleep you’ve ever had.

When can I expect results?

Immediately. No, seriously. These workouts help to immediately relieve the symptoms of back pain, so you’ll feel better right after completing the workouts (maybe even during them, too). Addressing the symptoms takes a little longer, but you can expect to notice significant increases in your strength, mobility, and overall physical feeling by the end of your first month – as long as you’re sticking to the schedule.

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Can I do this with a herniated disc?
Yes, but you need to make sure you’re avoiding movements that cause pain. You can ease the symptoms of a herniated disc with yoga postures and stretches, but you have to be careful in the process. Don’t bend or arch as far as you possibly can – you have must approach each exercise cautiously, and be very conscious of proper technique.
Should I talk with my doctor?
For liability purposes, I’m pretty sure I have to say yes. But what I’m going to tell you instead is to just use common sense. If it hurts, don’t do it. Take baby steps. If it feels okay, keep going. If you feel sharp pain, stop what you’re doing.
What if I have pain during the exercises?
There’s a difference between pain and discomfort. Discomfort is okay, in fact, you’ll probably have to work through discomfort in order to fix your back pain. Pain is something to avoid. Pain is considered more sharp, more of a stinging or intense sensation. When in doubt, follow this simple rule: If it hurts, don’t do it.
Can I do this if I have back pain?
Absolutely! That’s why you’re here. The cure for pain is a combination of movement and rest. Too much rest will actually cause pain, so you better do some movement.
Is this program appropriate for people in their 60s or 70s?
Yes! My grandpa is 82 and he’s doing these workouts. (Seriously.)

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